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Only 15 days left to enter with a prize of being 3 free commissions!

Mr.Takoyaka's Looking for Hire for the Holidays!

Yes, the theme of this is your character going to work at none other then a Game and Book store. After all, currently that pervy old shiba, Mr.Takoyaka, has only 1 other person working his store, which of course, can be difficult at times. And thus this idea and contest is made.

The rules:
Draw your character in, what you feel would be an appropriate (or inappropriate) manner. Key elements for to this is either, doing a casual clerk look with the popular white apron as seen here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8869732/
A Takoyaka favorite of cosplay with the words "Game and Book" placed somewhere on the outfit.
As well as a short description on why the character is working in Takoyaka's shop. It could be a number of reasons, examples would be they like cosplaying, they're into anime, they enjoy games (like card games and figures), or they just have a thing for stocky shibas! And no, this is not limited to males, females are welcome as well.

Once you've completed your entry, post a link in this journal to your entry. All entries will be judged by a panel of 3 people which I will not be part of. Actually, they are very much all Japanese Otakus that are well know for different parts of doujins and other slash. They are also NOT furries, so this even interesting for them. This is to ensure all fairness for all characters entered. The entry does not have to be colored. Also, all entries will not be judged by art skill, but rather, creativity and and the ability to come up with a fitting reason on why they would wanna work in such a place.

The Prizes:
While I'm unsure if I want to do a on-running story using someone's character I do love the idea of having an internship. That's why the prize will be 3 commission pieces of your character. They can be your choice of clean or dirty. Each piece growing off the last. In other words, the first commission will be a solo of your character. The second would be your character interacting with another employee (Jack or Mr.Takoyaka). Then finally, the third will be a store themed party of the winner's choosing, featuring the 3 workers together, after hours (of course) to ensure no customers to interrupt. As well as the pictures, a short story will be written with each picture, giving a beginning, middle, and end for the entire project.

Due Date:
All entries are due no later then October 31.

Entries Thus Far!
kugetsu  kugetsu and his entry here--> https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9010120/

With that said, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. And if you're feeling generous, please feel free to make your own journal linking to this for contest entries.

Thank you!
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