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An Urgent Appeal

Hey guys..
i know im still new here..and i dont know alot of people..but im desperately in need of help..
I was raised in a poor background...not a great deal in the way of family to help me out, nor did i get the luxuries that a lot of people got growing up. Anytime i wanted to get something..i always had to sell alot of my belongings..and over the years..i've been left with very few trinkets and necessities..which i can't sell..
I live alone with my mom..shes very sick....
My mom has worn discs in her spine and osteoarthritis, as well as suffering from Depression...Shes also showing some signs of abscesses in her cheek and legs..so im really terrified for her.. My mom is unfit to work, so we only get by using maintanence money from the government. however..due to circumstances, i.e. me growing up..shes going to have that money revoked soon..
I work 8 hour shifts..15:00 to 23:00 and i only get $13.50 a day. This is barely legal as i work as a trainee..so im being exploited as a source of cheap labour..and the government is forcing me to work for little if not no pay. I cant work full time as it would mean my mom is no longer eligible for her maintanence, and also an 18 year old cannot maintain two people and rent, as the low wages would be impossible to cope with.  Therefore i am forced to do a trainee scheme, in which i do long hours, for low wages... I come home from work exhausted, and every day i seem to have a new kind of injury, be it a burn, cut or scald, as i work in a kitchen, and im given all the worst jobs..being lowest on the ladder..
Worst still...im only eligible to do this course for the next 4 months or so...so there is a likely possibility that i may go homeless as a result... Me and my mom are in desperate need of money, so that we have some kind of safetynet. she is trying her best to find work, but in her condition its very hard to find anything that wouldnt be too straining on her..
My ambitions are to move to the US to stay with friends of mine there..in order to save my mom money on maintaining me..and so she can claim disability allowance, which she would be able to live off of on her own. I aim to rebuild my life and try and make something of myself..as life didnt give me the opertunity to succeed...
This is an urgent appeal..if this wonderful community and its members would be able to donate at all towards this cause..i would be eternally grateful... I have a working Paypal account should people want to donate..simply PM or comment and i will send you the email for the account.
Thankyou so much for reading..and please consider donating generously or circulating this journal so that others may be able to help..
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
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