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The Skunk is Still Open for Commissions!

Well, it seems at present I've found myself without much commission work to do - always nice for when I want to do some work for myself or else work on projects for college, but I like to make money too! So I've decided to update my commission prices and let you guys know I'm very much OPEN for commissions!


$10 Inked
$20 Digital Color (Cel Shaded or Smooth Color)
$25 Quick n' Dirty Digital Painting
$40+ Digital Painting
Real media work also available, Prices Negotiable
Animations and Comics are Negotiable

Add $5 for first additional character
Add $7+ per additional character after first
Add $5+ for simple BG
Add $10+ for complex BG
Detailed armor, very complex characters/color schemes and complex interactions will raise the price depending on amount of work involved and artist's personal discretion.


I must make it very clear that I do not operate a commission queue per se - I operate a commission pool, where all of the commissions I am tasked with doing congregate in one somewhat disorganized mess. There may be times when I feel I can complete one commission more easily than another, or it feels more interesting than another or...well, there may be a variety of reasons why I may do commissions out of the order I received them in. Please don't feel like I am intentionally avoiding working on your commission though! It may just be I need to approach it from a different perspective. I will try to make an effort to work on commissions in the order I receive them, but occasionally the order will get put aside so I can work in a more natural flow. If this system offends you, I apologize, but this does tend to be how I work on things - it's a bit like doing a crossword; you don't necessarily work on it in the order the clues are provided.

On Rule 34:

I will do quite a few Rule 34 varieties, but no underage or feral characters in erotic situations if you please. I am MLP friendly, but in erotic situations will only draw them in an anthro form! (I don't normally post MLP-related work to my FA on account of most of you not wanting to see it. XD)

On Fetishes:

I try to be flexible about fetishes - what you see in my gallery ought to give you a pretty good idea of what I am willing to draw/like to draw myself. Under no circumstances will I draw cub/loli/shota erotica, scat or watersports. Guro IS acceptable however, but no rape. If you have a question about whether or not I will draw your fetish, please ask me! I am available in notes, private messages and several IM programs.

On Extended Projects:

In this context I define extended projects as multi-image series, comics, and animations of various kinds. While I am willing to do such things, I do want to warn you that these will take time, and may carry some extra risk of non-completion with them if I get too stuck with obstacles or other engagements. I do try to be relatively quick about some artwork, but projects of a certain scale are by their very nature very time consuming even at a consistent pace; there may be times when I feel I'm a bit burned out or uninspired on that particular project, in which event I may switch to another commission or a bit of unwinding art to pass the time, so I can come back to the large project with a fresher perspective.

On Payment:

I am willing to take payment in a variety of forms for my work. The most common and perhaps least time-consuming way is through Paypal, although I do ask that you not send payment until a large portion of the work I have done for you is complete, or the whole project is complete. This is as a consumer protection of sorts, in case I find I cannot for whatever reason work on or complete the work for you. I do also accept payments through snail-mail (check, money-order, etc.), but in this case I will state that I more than likely will not start the work until I have received the money through the snail-mail, in case the money should for some reason fail to arrive. I have also been known to accept games on Steam (particularly those on my Steam wishlist) as payment for commissions, but some caution is obviously necessary in those instances.

On Art Trades:

Yes, I do like to do art trades from time to time! However, you should be aware of what I tend to like to obtain via such art trades - eg, strange fetish-driven erotic artwork! Of course I'm more than willing to adjust what I ask for to fit your particular likes and dislikes as an artist, so don't be afraid to nudge me in a direction you're more comfortable with. I also would ask that you consider the relative skill levels of each of us when figuring out what would make a fair trade - I'd rather not have a situation where one side feels gyped because they received something with MUCH less effort involved than what they gave. I do reserve the right to turn down an art trade if I feel I would not do a good job with it, or if I have more pressing commitments to tend to, or other reasons I will be sure to tell you when I decline. (Naturally, this would also apply to you too - if you feel you are unable to do a good job with a trade or have some other pertinent reason for declining, please let me know when you decline!)

Well, I think that about covers it...if and when I receive commissions they will be listed down below here, so check back frequently to see how things stand!


> Macavity: private commission series (three done, fourth in planning)
> HotFudge: carte blanche commission (planning)
> Ayn Blackfox: currently unspecified commission (paid, preparation/sketching)
> Anonymous Commissioner: A huge number of ink commissions (planning)
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
Your heart is always opened for some commissions. =P *lame joke is lame* *friendly hug is friendly* *hugs*
6 years, 6 months ago
*snicker* You sneaky bun...heh, been nice to get some interest on these anyway. ^_^
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