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NYCC2012! Pony sword, pokemon and Green Ranger!

Hey folks.  I had a great time at NYCC 2012.  So good in fact that I made some cheesy, shaky, camera phone recordings.  You will hear me, and everyone else around me.  

https://www.youtube.com/user/asuraludu -- In my uploads!

So what are the highlights?  Well I got to shake hands with Jason David Frank.  I am no huge fan of rangers (these days), but even I know the awesome of the Green Ranger.  He's a pretty fun goof.  He is also a good fighter.

Now I know all of you want to know what I got.... so why disappoint.

I bought a Pony Buster sword!  There was a sword stand selling big buster swords with images of My Little Pony FiM.  You could get any one of the main cast, or a line up.  For my money, I bought the whole cast.  It made me very popular with the fillies and colts of the con.  My friend was embarrassed by my pony geeking out, but he could not deny that I got many a smile.  Check it out on my facebook page.  I was hoping to find a Celestia cosplayer giving out free hugs, but no Molestia for me this time.  

I bought Dr Who dvds for the First and Forth Doctors (the rest were sold out).  Me and my mom are having a fun marathon.  I love that even though the effects are uber cheesy, the stories are still fun to watch.  And the First Dalek!  Oh how we cheered.  I am so going to buy my mom a sonic screwdriver for Christmas.

My sketchpad is running low, so I bought a new pad.  The drawing will not stop!  I even managed to snag a new "comic creator" program.  I'm gonna play with it, and the sooner I work with it, the sooner I will improve!  I also gotta start practicing with my tablet again.  Darn you technology!  Why must you be so fun, and yet such a pain!

Plenty of doujin smut to fuel my fires.  Not just comics, but also 2 video games.  Yay for sleaze!  

Adding to the awesomeness of the day,  While I went back home, I caught my first shiny in Pokemon Black2.  I got a green Grimer that I would name Slimer (except its a girl).  Its a poison type, so yay!

On to Commissions..... My pal :iconmeridianbat: is open for story commissions.  He is awesome with the written word.  Read his stuff! And then pay him to bring your naughty ideas to light!

Speaking of commissions, I gotta get back to work.  TTFN folks.
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