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Welcome to me...

Hello, and welcome to me! I am Loki. I am kind and I am wicked. I am a trickster and a friend.

I'm always looking for freelance work in the web design field. My partner and I do quality work, for low prices because we're still learning our trade at the Art Institute. Please look over our work on my website.

I am a fursuit fanatic- I love suiters with energy and character! I have a partial suit, and I'm always developing my character. The suit was a planned commission, but the character himself was an impromptu creation- I told Syber to create anything she wanted. I give and receive hugs at random, and believe the furry fandom is about having fun and being whomever it is you are and/or want to be.

On that note, I am a firm believer that anyone in this day & age has the right to be whomever they wish to be, or whom they feel they are (or were meant to be). They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I disagree. Maybe it's the concept of freedom with which I've grown up, living in the US, but I believe that if nothing else, everyone deserves "the right to themselves."

What this means is that everyone deserves the right to be themselves, regardless of another person's opinion, belief, perception or expectation. The life of one person should not be subject to another. This concept has far reaching ramifications, but we'll limit this discussion to those of identity. If one chooses a name for themselves, they should not be made to answer to something else. Excuses such as "real name" and "for legal purposes" are simply justifications for exerting a form of mental control. And this is wrong.

Of course, if the concept of chosen identity distracts one from their responsibilities, then it becomes a detriment. If you can't deal with situations without considering how your fursona/character would react, then you need to rethink your priorities. In this case, you can't accuse someone of oppressing your freedom of identity if they disapprove.

Just make sure that you're sure about who you are and/or want to be. Because lying to others is bad enough, but if you're lying to yourself, you are truly lost. It's okay to admit if you don't know who are- life is a journey of self-discovery as well as self-improvement. Just be honest with others... and yourself...
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