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Check out The Angry Viking Press Kickstarter!

Its been 12 days since the Kickstarter started and we're just a bit shy of $2000! So wow all the current artist cameo and commission incentives are now open.  A few prices have been tweaked and many new incentives have been added,  We still have many many more in the wing, but won't be able to unleash them until he make and exceed our first goal of $12,000.  This kickstarter IF it succeeds will go along way to help me support a lot of artists on Deviant Art, Furaffinity, and some even here on Inkbunny!

But thats for later, on to whats been added and changed!  Many of the incentives now have links to our DA gallery  

to save space here instead of flooding the main body full of images.  Tons of posters and print incentives are up.  But thats not all we still have a few action figures besides Artica planed,

but only people like you can make that happen!

Theirs a new Bookmark incentive for $3.
 So you'll never lose your place when reading our upcoming Graphic novels and Trade Paper backs!

For $12 you can get the Evil Diva "Tale of two Divas" 11x17 poster, featuring young and teen versions of our favorite goodie goodie demon girl Diva Beelze.  https://jasoncanty.deviantart.com/art/Evil-Diva-A-Tale-...

Moving on up to the $20 level, we have a bunch of new items starting right off with an 18 x 24 inch Super sized "Tale of Two Divas" Wall poster! HUGE!

Next up we have four Wall scroll posters from My Life With Fel! All four are 12 x 37 inches
and come in Fel type A & B and Mugger type A & B.  You can also get two for $30 or four for


Moving in at $150 is the The Andorozon comic special Pandora's BOX, full body character Cameo. At $300 Your Anthro or Human "collateral damage" Cameo! You/your character will be featured in an action page an issue of Andorozon: Pandora's BOX

A new $200 level sketch commission from Akasaka-san  http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=36404
Going back up to $300 Original Cell Painting from Jesus Tello.
We have two new $500 incentives in which you can get a specially
made cell painting of Shawntae Howards Extinctioners characters.
Check them out here: https://jasoncanty.deviantart.com/art/Extinctioners-Gro...
 and here: https://jasoncanty.deviantart.com/art/Extinctioners-Gro...

At $500 If you want your character to have a speaking part in an Andorozon comic, Andorozon
creator Ken Singshow will give that too you!

and lastly for this Update a $1000 Big ticket item. For the Die Hard Andorozon Fan! - Your Human or Anthro character will appear in no less then 3 issues of Andorozon, interact with the cast when appropriate.  You will get a high quality copy of the page(s) your character appears in, plus a signed copy of the issue your character appears in once the book is released.   Normal anthro characters only! No dragons, aliens or mythical beasts please, thank you!

More incentives and items to come also as before always open to questions, comments and suggestions. If you'd like to see a special bundle made just ask and I'll see if I can do it.

Oh and for you Reddit users! I'll be running a Reddit AMA this Friday and Sunday so scope it out when its up

So if you're Fan of Andorozon, My Life with Fel, Crushed, The Extinctioners, Maxblackrabbit, the Skunkworks and would like to see really cool things from Us soon stop by our kickstarter! :D
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