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Sonic Adventure 2 Review By Sonic Retro!

You all know how much I LOVE Sonic Retro and all their amazing "FACTS", well for those who didn't believe me when I told them how much they hate any Sonic game past Sonic 3 and Knuckles, here's a good proof, they just released their review on Sonic Adventure 2, but I must warn you it's long and it's torture to read especially if you're a fan of the game:

Review: http://www.sonicretro.org/2012/10/sonic-adventure-2-xb...

I'll post here what I commented on their page in case they didn't approve it and deleted it "which is more than likely" because they're a fair and honest community that always lets everyone to speak his mind:



I grew up with the Mega Drive and Dreamcast and yes I got SA2 on Dreamcast first, I still think it's the best Sonic game of all time, so no people don't like it because it was their first game on a Nintendo console, many people like it for it's a good game, treat the game for what it is and not what it resulted later on "Sonic Heroes"!

Funny you mentioned Final Rush among the "linear levels" because this is a good example of a level with tones of alternate routes, the fact you don't know most of these shortcuts or alternate routes "resulting probably to not A rank the level" is your fault not the game, also I thought mapping the action buttons on one key was brilliant and makes it easier to memories and control, unlike Generations where you literary have to either use a gamepad or fuck yourself for not being able to control Sonic with a keyboard, not everyone as smart as you are to memorize all these useless buttons you know, I kinda blame Shadow The Hedgehog game for this!

I partially agree with you about the shooting levels, although I must say it kinda makes sense for Dr. Eggman to do so (still why doesn't he just fly that thing instead?) but it could have been worse, we could have gotten fishing like in Sonic Adventure so I'm glad that part is long gone forever!

I highly disagree with you about the treasure hunting levels, first of all I thought SA2 done better than SA1 did because in SA1 the levels were designed for running and they were linear, while in SA2 the hunting levels were made specially for that matter and are designed that way, as for the "one emerald at a time" thing I always assumed they did that to make it easier actually not harder, many people (me included) had troubles in the first game when you hear the radar and you think you're getting closer when actually you're going in circles because there are two radars interfering with each other in this location, however in Adventure 2 you don't have that problem, and I never understood why people complain about Mad Space (and Crazy Gadget) so much, I agree the kart racing levels are hard (especially Route 101 Hard mode) and Pumpkin Hill always bothered me as well but Mad Space is actually quite easy to scan very fast and A rank so easily, there's no need to land on a planet if you didn't sense radar close by and even then it's not hard to get out of the planet, there are specialized rockets all over the level to do that!

Fact I played the kart racing in multiplay as a kid id simply because I didn't have any real Kart racing game at the time and car racing is not as fun, that said I must agree (somewhat) that the kart racing wasn't as good but it was only a part of the game not the main game, nowadays I rather play ASR or Sonic Riders over it but it still has some nostalgia with it, too bad the extra dlc tracks from the original didn't make it this time either, I will say that games like Unleashed and Generations are just as dull as the kart racing in SA2, there I said it!

WHAT? The upgrade system is awesome, it's missing from modern Sonic games sadly, last game that did that was Sonic 2006 (Okay Sonic Unleashed 360/PS3) but I'd welcome them in my games any day, they add more repeatability despite what others say, and why do many people complain about the Magic Hands anyway? Aside from the fact they're very useful in some areas if you knew how and when to use them (like that area near the gold GUN robot in City Escape, saves me a lot of time to use the magic hand there so I don't lose it while trying to jump on it) it's totally optional, why complain about an extra add?

The level art was probably to save space on the disk, keep in mind the original game had to go under 1GB of size in the original game, and while complaining about that why don't we complain how Super Mario Bors and Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels share almost the same exact art in every fucking stage?

The humanized-robots were a nice touch in the adventure games, I liked them in the old days but now with Fucking Heroes and Unleashed they're getting boring as fuck, and they hardly attack you at all but just stand there waiting for you to home attack on them, it's even worse in Unleashed and Generations now because you have a target too, it's like they want you to not play the game, next time they're gonna do the homing attack on you, fuck this, I kinda agree that Sonic Adventure did the enemies design better in 3D when they're small and fast that you feel the homing attack is actually useful here!

The story was good, again if you didn't like it and preferred silly childish plots (ala Colors and Generations) then that's your opinion but don't state the story in Adventure 2 being bad as fact, and for the record the precious Sonic Adventure did that before, setting the characters in a realistic world with real humans, learning about a secret "god" and fighting a menacing monster, Sonic Adventure everybody!

Again I disagree, his shoes in SA2 were much better imo, I wish the stayed in later games, but I'm glad we at least got variety in Sonic's shoes with different games, I like his Riders shoes too, not a big fan of his awful classic buckle-less one tbh!


So there you have it, enjoy the review everybody, let the comments flow on how you were wrong about Sonic Adventure 2 to think it was a good game but thank God for Sonic Retro they opened your eyes to realize how shitty that game is, just the same with Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic 06, because God forbids we may enjoy a game that's not released in the 90s!

Edit: And just like that, they deleted my comment, bravo Retro, well done, you never failed my expectations!
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
I never hated any of the games. I thought most of them were very profound. My favorite one was Sonic Adventure 2. Thanks for the reviews.
6 years, 5 months ago
I'm glad to have someone backing me up here, opinions are opinions and everyone has the right to like/dislike any game, but it bothers me how they keep calling us when we defend the game that we're being fooled by nostalgia or only doing this because we don't remember it well, I still play it till this very day and I still enjoy it so they can go fuck off for all I care!
6 years, 5 months ago
Yeah...my girlfriend and I are just annoyed at how much griping this person did on the review. It was a totally unfair review. That's why I started losing my interest in Retro in general.
6 years, 5 months ago
Amen to that my friend, if you liked a game then you like it, that's all there is to say, calling us stupid and are fooled by nostalgia is rather childish and ignorant, the game's good, get over it!
6 years, 5 months ago
Maybe I am the only one who has mixed feelings for SA2? XD
I think is a good game, seriously, but not a masterpiece of Sonic franchise. It’s just GOOD.
Between Sonic Adventure, SA2, Heroes (the "Dreamcast" Era, to speak), SA2 is the one who most aged well. Before Colors and Generations, was the best Sonic 3D game for me. The main problem mostly being Eggman(not too much, just playing AS Eggman could bring fun)/Tails and Knux/Rouge stages, I though was boring as hell sometimes. Because Sonic and Shadow stages were really fun and awesome. They had a good pace, nice psychics, nice plataforming and I simple LOVE SA2 Rails Psychics, the best in the series.

And this game is a game where I respect Shadow most. His character here is perfect. So much I wanted he actually DIE in the end of this game because was such a great moral moment and a great sacrifice to finally complete his promise to Maria. I am not a Shadow fan but I really punch anyone in the face if the person says that Shadow sucks here.

But I think too SA2 is a bit Overrated in some points. People remember the game as a great game because they only remember Sonic and Shadow stages. People forget the other stages and Tails only there to please the fans, having NO POINT TO BE THERE ON THE PLOT. If the game was just about Sonic and Shadow, Eggman and Rouge(being only optional gameplay), would be MUCH better. IMO
6 years, 5 months ago
While I disagree with many points, you did mention some highlighted points,I agree that Tails felt out of place in this game, although to be fair many other games Tails was just shoved in them as well and had nothing to do with the story such as Colors and Generations, I also agree that Shadow was best there and would've been remembered better had he just died in that game, kinda like Sonic X did it until the third season came out!

I disagree however with certain points as well, opinions respected, I thought Sonic Heroes among the other (Dreamcast era) games is the one that didn't age well, this is because not only the bad physics and lack of story but mostly due the fact the levels were repetitive and boring, and the lack of replyability that the Chao Garden has brought to the table!

I also found Knuckles/Rouge levels to be fun and dare I say even better than Sonic/Shadow in many areas, I agree that Eggman/Tails weren't so much for for me, at least not anymore though they weren't so bad back as a kid, not saying they're bad but they feel out of place, like the werehog levels except they're actually fun while the werehog levels were just shit in every possible way, but the hunting levels added the exploration element that quite frankly been missing since Sonic 06, the game took away the hub worlds and fishing levels from the first adventure game, which is a good thing, and instead expanded the hunting levels!

And yeah I agree the grinding on rails was handled best in this game, it was 100% momentum and about skills but since Sonic Heroes they're just a gimmick that adds yet more automation to the game, the same goes to the homing attack I must say, since Sonic Heroes the homing attack just became useless, in Heroes it was broken for many reasons but mostly because of the life bar system, in Shadow it was useless because they couldn't do as much damage as weapons and guns, in Sonic 06 because it was slow, and since Secret Rings and Unleashed, well it's useless for obvious reasons!

So yeah unlike many games in the franchise SA2 did what it did best, I didn't say the game is perfect (I did back as a kid though) but it's still the best 3D Sonic game if not the best of all!
6 years, 5 months ago
You read wrong. I said SA2 AGED WELL. I don't say "not aged well". For me Adventure 1 was the one who aged most bad. Go fishing in a SONIC game, is what I want when I go buy one! *Sarcasm* XD

About Tails, I mean him as a playable character. He is not out of place in Colors or Generations because he is not a protagonist or playable, he is a sub character there, most like Amy in Unleashed. Here, in SA2, the ONLY stage that makes sense for Tails to have is the one he helps Sonic breaks the prison. All the others he say "I will go first on clean the way!". Sonic himself otherwise could be doing those stages. Let's make a drinking game how many times Tails say "I go first" just to have an excuse for a Stage, we will end up in alcohol coma XD.

The main motive I dislike Rouge and Knux stage is the main motive I dislike Fishing. Breaks the pace! I want to go running with Sonic and Shadow! I want to grind! I want to Light Dash trough rings! Was FUN! This is what I buy a Sonic game for, adrenaline! XD

Let's face it, aside from the Last Episode. Knux story with the Master Emerald in this game was pointless. "Duhh yahh, Master Emerald broke AGAIN, lets kick ass in Pumpkin Hill!". At least I loved some missions with Rouge that don't involve go looking for M.E. Shards because they seem legit on place, especially the one on the Prison Island where she enters on a vault to get the Chaos Emeralds, also showing her thief/secret agent skills. Was a good character demonstration for her first appearance. Rouge made more sense in this game than Knux.

You say Exploration ended in 06. Nope, exploration didn't end, it was ADAPTED to the Sonic gameplay. Say, in Sonic Generations, Modern Chemical Plant looks pretty tiny no? However, want to know how many different paths it have?

2? no, try higher.
3? no, try again
4? no, last strike!

6! The stage have 6 different paths, all leading to different routes to the end, you can also mix the paths. I myself didn't find all the paths in the stage, some I found for luck or while I am running slow just to try to find something. Seaside Hill with the water is no comments, anything there can be a path!

Mario Exploration don't work on Sonic games(they tried and tried), that why we don't see that anymore, we instead see Sonic Exploration, the one created in Sonic 3& Knuckles, which is finding the stage secrets, paths, and mostly, the Red Rings from Colors, all while maintaining a good speed, that what works.

Don't get me wrong, I like SA2, for me third best 3D Sonic game and no doubt a Classic, but if is to put characters just to create boring gameplays, I prefer stick only playing as Sonic to avoid headaches XD.
6 years, 5 months ago
I swear you told me the opposite last time we talked about this on msn, oh well I guess it doesn't matter anymore, the important thing is that you don't consider this next to the worst Sonic game ever like Retro guys do!

Actually he only says that line once before Hidden Base, and besides Tails had a bigger role in the game than this like in Crazy Gadget, it wasn't Sonic who got caught by Eggman, it was Amy followed by Tails, if it's not for those two Sonic could have put the emerald there himself, then again he wouldn't have had a fake emerald in the first place if Tails wasn't there, so with all due respect your point fails here as well because Tails makes more sense in this game than he did in Generations which btw I don't understand why it got so much hype, the game is only fun for like a couple of hours then you put it aside and never touch it again, while as for SA2 because it's simple and has variety in gameplay, add to that the Chao garden, I find myself replaying it every one in a while!

Well I won't argue with that, Rouge is far cooler and prettier than that stupid echidna can ever be :p and I agree Security Hall is one of my favorite levels, but to be fair not all of Knuckles' levels were looking for the master emerald pieces, one of them Death Chamber he looks for keys to open the door, also you gotta admit that King Boom Boo fight was awesome with Knuckles, even better than the fight Flying Dog with Rouge!

There's a big difference between "has different paths" and "has exploration", one of the factors that killed exploration with Sonic games, believe it or not, is the lack of item boxes, rings just fly to you as you boost, Sonic Generations may have alternate paths but they all do the same job in which you have to boost to the goal, exploration can be done when you design the level wide enough to let you go from left to right and not just strait forward like in Unleashed and Generations, certain elements add exploration too like hiding upgrade parts or adding different missions to look for the Chao or look for the emerald shards, even looking for hidden animals to get for your Chao, all these elements added more gameplay value to the game which was lost in later games especially after Sonic 06, hub worlds may add some exploration if done right and I gotta admit in Sonic Unleashed they did make hub worlds and even better than the huge ones in Sonic 06, however I was never a big fan of hub worlds and I say if you gotta have them then make them simple like Sonic Advance 3 or Sonic Generations, but the fact Sonic Adventure 2 managed to add the exploration element yet remove the hub worlds completely is a plus in my book, I even have much more fun playing Green Hill in Sonic Adventure 2 than in Sonic Generations because of the exploration element the game had, I'm not kidding, Green Hill is one of the most boring levels in Generations, so are Chemical Plant and Speed Highway, while levels like Sky Sanctuary, City Escape and Crisis City I must say the 3D sections did have some open room to explore!

Well I agree Mario's exploration doesn't work for Sonic, but you gotta admit for a spin off on the Mega Drive Sonic 3D Blast was fun, and I can't believe you just compared the great Sonic 3 to the shitty Sonic Generations in my book, unlike Sonic 2 Sonic 3 was actually a platformer rather than "hold right to win" like in Sonic 2 which I think is way overrated!

I kinda agree with you here, one of the issues SEGA had in 3D Sonic games is trying to hard to copy from Sonic Adventure the element of which each character has its own unique gameplay, I say the best 3D Sonic game that handled how multiple characters shall work was Sonic and the Black Knight!
6 years, 5 months ago
No, I never said something really bad about SA2, if I said something was about 06. SA2 for me is a flawed game in some parts, but like I said, for me is the third best 3D game of the hedgehog, and the number 6 of my universal Sonic list (the one which I put the 2D games too). Losing to Sonic Rush Adventure, S&K3 and Sonic Advance. Just because I don't like it 100% doesn't mean I hate it. I just don't like some parts, thats all. Hating SA2 beyond it's flaws is ridiculous and dumb.

And nope, Tails says that in Mission Street too, and the Eternal Engine. Granted, would be 3 time and the "drinking game" was just a joke, but come on, the most points you did there was about PLOT, not Stages. Plot anyone can get a good retcon in utility by adding a Plot Exposition about something great a person did.

Agree with that. I like Knux but Rouge is far more awesome, especially in this game that she is far more individualist and kick some ass round. But you see, "look for the keys" and the King Boom Boo fight was kinda a Filler. As far I remember, Sonic never needed to find Keys to enter in a Eggman fortress. He generally BURST the front door like nobody business and end up destroying anything in the path. Why this time is different? Made more sense with Rouge since she was there as a Spy for the President and cannot be detected. Sonic never cared about detection anyway, he don't need to!

But the kind of exploration you want is Mario exploration. Mario CAN calm down, look around, miss jumps, stop, reflect, think about the meaning of the life, and stuff like that.... while is still fun. Sonic core gameplay for the 3D games is far way from be this. Tell me, who you will explore at the speed of sound? Sonic can have superior reflexes but we don't! And we are controlling Sonic that time! So, to be a Mario exploration like you want, he need to SLOW DOWN, and Sonic being Slow is now 80% close to Mario. Also, try to find new paths is a kind of exploration. You try new things as you go with the stage. That is a exploration on Sonic game working because is still fast. You find new things when you go with the stage. Sonic don't work if you need to do a 180° and go look in another direction, his core gameplay is not made to be this. Upgrades was nice and I cannot lie, this is the thing I agree with you MOST. Upgrades would be nice to have because will force you return to the last stages to find new places to run. I hope they bring them back.

And yes, I am comparing 3&K to Generations. Because Generations classic Sonic borrowed ALL ideas from 3&K. Before 3&K the stages had at max 2 different paths, upper and bottom, expect the WORST 2D Sonic level ever, the Metropolis Zone, that was just a mess of stage. Generations being shitty? Hoo boy, you didn't said that. Want me to shift the talk about SA2 and talk about how Generations was critically acclaimed and a instant hit who bring back Sonic respect with the gamers? No right? Let's focus here.

Not that I DON'T want to play as other characters aside Sonic, I don't mind, I just want then to be OPTIONAL, like 3&K, I don't want to be forced in another gameplay while I am having so much fun with the previous one.

6 years, 5 months ago
I didn't say you said something bad about Sonic Adventure 2, I said you said Sonic Adventure 2 aged worse than Sonic Adventure, at least that's what I remember you told me!

Oh yeah I forgot about those too, still Tails made more sense in the game than Amy did, most of the time Amy is like "WAIT FOR ME!" and you never see her in the level, and I don't see what's wrong of wanting a good plot in a Sonic game, I liked the story in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow The Hedgehog, those were good stories, you can't deny Sonic Generations could been better had it had a better plot!

Well that IS true but then it would kill the game, they might as well make the whole game one cutscene like the opening one in Unleaded and only make QTE sections, the finding keys part may have been a filler but the same can be said in many games too!

I didn't ask for Mario exploration actually, that one is too slow for my taste, it works for Mario but for Sonic... Well we got Sonic 3D Blast and while was a good spinoff I wouldn't want Sonic games to be like this, but Sonic Adventure did the exploration right, also Sonic 06 but kinda made the hub worlds too big, for example in Mario kind of games you go up stairs very slow and you move slow when holding objects but in Sonic Adventure he did all those stuff and was still fast, I don't want fishing, as for looking for objects if not like Knuckles levels then do something like the Chaotix in Sonic Heroes, I'm not saying all levels shall be like that but it's a nice change of pace!

I have to disagree here, Sonic Generations classic levels felt more like Sonic 2 to me, hold right to win, too easy too, I thought the closest 3D game to Sonic 3 and Knuckles was "surprisingly" Sonic Heroes, long levels, different paths depending on the skills of the character, and different stories, you are right though I shouldn't have called Generations shitty, I was just angry of how that guy at Sonic Retro gave Sonic Adventure 2 very bad review and deleted my comment, Generations is much better than Unleashed in my book though, I admit I hated Sonic Unleashed but didn't hate Sonic Generations but I was disappointed in it, but the game ONLY did well because of the classic levels, the modern levels weren't received well, and I agree the classic levels in Generations were okay, I don't mind making a separate series like that but keep on doing 3D as well, and by 3D I mean real 3D and not like Unleashed/Colors/Generations where 80% of the game is 2D and the only 3D is either on rails or over water!

I couldn't explain how the characters should handle in the last comment because I ran out of allowed letters, but it should be more like Sonic and the Black Knight, they're optional and you can switch characters during levels (like Sonic Rush Adventure as well) rather than Sonic 3 and Knuckles and Sonic Adventure where if you choose a character you have to stick with it till the end of the story, and each character has his/her own abilities to help them advance in the level, and if they could make some exclusive paths to certain characters like Sonic 3 and Knuckles /Heroes/Advance 2/ Advance 3 is even better!
6 years, 5 months ago
Just to end about Generations.

You are wrong again.

The game was just praised because Classic? Read again the reviews. People said they liked the classic but they IMPROVE the Modern. They transformed that automated crap in Unleashed in a gameplay. Granted, Colors did better, but they learned some tricks from Colors and did the Modern Gameplay, WAY better.

10 in 9 reviews I read say that.

You don't like to much Generations, fair enough, but this is not a excuse for not make a search and make up things like "people only liked because of Classic". Which is a lie. ANY person, even a Classic Diehard fan, said he actually finally liked Modern Sonic gameplay in some degree, while for him, no more good than the Classic, is still intertaining.

You also are desvalorizing the work that Sega put to finally made Modern Sonic work again. They did a awesome job and everyone loved it.

Metacritic 77, Reviews note 8 to up... do you  REALLY still believe all that is just because Classic Sonic?
6 years, 5 months ago
Fair enough, I agree that Generations did the modern levels far better than Unleashed but I still feel they're missing something the Adventure games did, maybe it's the lack of 3D sections, maybe the lack of repliability, maybe the lack of hidden animals, maybe the fixed camera and the removal of rotating the camera, maybe the lack of item boxes, maybe the turning physics are a bit too tight for my taste, maybe the not enough room to go left to right, maybe replacing the spindash with the crawl, I dunno what it is but Generations' modern levels didn't offer what the Adventure games (Sonic Adventure 1, 2, Heroes, Shadow, Next Gen) offered, I don't mind if they keep the engine though but the level design needs to be improved, Sky Sanctuary modern was a good start, make more levels like this and bring back item boxes and hidden animals and the levels will be fun again!

To say everyone loved it is not true, I for once didn't like it and I know a lot of people who didn't like it either, such as Dude from Sonic Retro and Roger from Deviantart, maybe many people liked it but many people didn't enjoy the "boost to win" gameplay Generations has offered, I might as well play a car racing game, I buy Sonic games to play Sonic not to "race to win", I'm not saying "STOP MAKING GAMES LIKE SONIC UNLEASHED" if people liked them then you can make them but DON'T stop making games like the Adventure games, Sonic Retro been getting games made ONLY for them since 2008, Unleashed, 4, Colors, Generations, Episode 2, and will they ever be satisfied? No, if we say "okay you got some games for you, now it's our turns Dreamcast era fans" and they're like "THAT'S NOT WHAT WE ASKED FOR, SEGA MESSED UP SONIC'S EYES COLOR, FUCK YOU SEGA, YOU BETTER MAKE A BETTER GAME FOR US OR WE WILL NEVER BUY FROM YOU AGAIN" or "FANS LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON WHY SONIC SUCKS SO MUCH, I WISH ALL FANS LIKE YOU DIE, SONIC IS NOT MEANT TO HAVE DARK PLOTS, IT'S A KIDS GAME" which btw is wrong because ever since Archie comics started they been dark, SatAM was dark too, but NOOO they want AOSTH Sonic, the silly goofy one in their games and we can just screw ourselves for wanting a good Sonic game!

Anyway I already did apologize earlier for trashing your favorite game so we could move on =p
6 years, 5 months ago
It's not Boost to Win.

Equip Unlimited Boost and close your eyes. See if you can get so far just boosting.

This game have more skill than people CARE to try to develop. They simple don't care and label it Boost To Win because they don't care to sharp their skills.

Oh... everyone can do THIS right?:


Or this:


Or this:


It's SOOOOOOOOOOO easy, just BOOST like you said right?

Yes, I am calling the old "You suck at this game, that why you hate it". Try to look at speed runs and see for yourself that the theory of "Boost to win" is just a bias that people made up to not crow this game the Best Sonic game since 1998, because they FEAR this to be good and disthrone the other Sonic games they few it's better because of nostalgic.

This is the best Sonic game since 1998, and I crash with every single soul who says otherwise. And I am not alone, far from it. I have a metacritic 77 to backup, in other worlds, the majority.

6 years, 5 months ago
You know I can say the same about Sonic Adventure 2, people complain about the gameplay because they didn't perfect it and don't care to learn the skills, I doubt that guy even A ranked the game, but in Unleashed and Generations I can S rank the levels by just "boosting to win" so your point is not valid here, ya know what? I'm just gonna sing "I always boost to win" =p

But seriously if you CAN get an S rank in all levels by just boosting in Sonic Unleashed then why do you need to learn these tricks? This isn't a racing game where learning tricks can help in multiplay, I said it before and I'll say it again, Unleashed gameplay works for a racing game, Sonic R 2, but it's not good for a platformer, they can keep the engine but they need to modefy it heavily in order to work in a real 3D game, Adventure gameplay with a mix of speed and exploration and not the kind we got in Unleashed, they can add as many roads as they want in a level, as long as they all lead to the same ending and get you an S rank they're just fillers and not really exploration, and multiple roads in 2D sections is not 3D either!
6 years, 5 months ago
Lol, S Ranks was NEVER a proof of Skill.

You have a very deturbed meaning of what "boost to win" mean. If for you the "Boost to win" is "gotta go fast", so there also be 'Spin Dash to Win" in SA2 and any other Sonic game.

So I say SA2 is "Spin Dash to Win".

The term "Boost to Win" came on Unleashed and only work on Unleashed and Sonic Rush. The term is because when you boost you are invencible, you don't need to have skill or any other kind of training. Also, the term comes from the fact some parts of Sonic Unleashed you CANNOT pass without boosting, that why is "Boost to win"

Its very possible finish Sonic Generations without using the boost. And you are not complete invencible, because the stages on Generations have more plataforming and "boost traps" to avoid overpowering boost. The boost is just a feature now, not a obrigation.

You judge yourself as a Sonic fan but not even KNOW what Boost To Win trully means. For you, "boost to win" is just the boost feature itself. You are, as always, WRONG. Your definition puts the Spin Dash and Light Dash on check too, because they also give you cheap speed.
6 years, 4 months ago
Don't drag Sonic Rush to this, unlike Generations, Sonic Rush was designed in making the boost optional, but you know what I'm not even gonna bother arguing with you, you like "boost to win" and I don't, I'll just go play SRB2 which is for a fan game a mile more fun than official modern Sonic games!
6 years, 5 months ago
I do agree that there are some flaws with SA2, however, even without "Nostalgia Glasses" I can say for a fact that it is superior to some of the games that were released after it. I felt the upgrade system was great. Only a few upgrades were actually necessary to beat the game, which I liked a lot. While I didn't care much for the Tails/Eggman stages or Knuckles/Rouge stages, they weren't horrible. I enjoyed the variety in gameplay and it offered something different than being as fast as possible, although that is what Sonic is known for. I felt the running animations for Sonic and Shadow especially, were the best in this game. Shadow just seems to be more streamlined when running instead of the skating animation he does now. The physics were also really good in this game. I felt I could do really risky stuff but have it feel natural, if that makes sense. I do miss being able to play as other characters besides Sonic.This doesn't mean that I don't enjoy Unleashed to Generations. In fact, those three games are amongst my favorites.
6 years, 5 months ago
I wish I can say the same about Unleashed>Generations, not saying they're bad but they're not my style, too automated and too linear, no freedom or exploration, most of the game is on rails on in 2D, but I must say out of the three Colors was and always will be my favorite one!

That said I do agree that SA2 suffered from many issues during the years but I still find this review extremely harsh and full of hypocrisy, the guy is forcing his opinions on others then claimed he didn't say any of what he said, he DID say "if you didn't own this game then don't pick it up, you're not missing much" then if you read in the comments he denies it and claims he didn't say such a thing, asshole, they deleted most of the comments that braise the game including mine because they always seek for the truth "read: sarcasm" in their reviews!
6 years, 5 months ago
Yeah Unleashed and Generations didn't offer much exploration but to me it gave me the speed I've been wanting in a Sonic game. This isn't to say that the other Sonic games aren't fast, no quite the contrary. Adventure 1 and 2 had speed but combined it with exploration. That gave it a style all its own. I don't like Colors as much but it's a really good game. I really like the wisp gimmick. However, I felt that the Spike and Hover wisps were just a way to take Sonic's ability to spin and light dash away. That doesn't mean I don't like it because of that though. It's just different in that I need to adjust myself to the gameplay style. Really fun though.

The "review" was indeed WAY too harsh. Comparing SA2 to newer games!? Come on now. If that's the case then why play Sonic 1? It "sucks" compared to newer games. Psh...that review sucked. I could write a better review of SA2. One that you know, takes the good and the bad and then makes an opinion based on the results.
6 years, 5 months ago
You see that would be fair, to look at the game's both ups and downs, despite how much I love Sonic Adventure 2 if I'm to write a review about it I'd be more fair about it, mentioning the ups and downs!

This review doesn't talk about the HD port as much as the game in general for todays standards and that's not fair!
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