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More than just an Art Site...

More than just an Art Site...

Yes, that is the official stance of TNSC.
As per our Intro Paragraph on all front pages:
We are "a free open platform that celebrates the creativity in everything we do, and allows complete Freedom of Expression to its users. We are more than an art site. We are an open sharing site that allows all types of content."

Artists, Fursuiters, Role Players, and those who just love to "show off" are all welcome to TNSC.  (By show off, you can pretty much show off anything you desire.)

For users, if you would like your adult art and images to show up on the front page, your best chance is to upload them to TNSC Friday or Saturday.
We update the Features on the main page every Saturday or Sunday.

We also do have a quaint chat space where users can get together, chat, snuggle, and more...

If you would like an open and safe platform to share art and more, check out TNSC:


We will never close down, and do have the site on at least one backup server in case of issues.

We are aware of an issue with our main host and the WOT.
The WOT has the entire server on a "poor reputation" status due to resolved issues in its past - before we began using them.
The WOT is the only service that is setup as such, all other services have declared the host clean/safe.

We do ask users to review our own TOS, Rules, and Safety Notices before using TNSC.  Users can also help the site by submitting their own rating on WOT.
We do not think it is always wise to solely and blindly rely on "peer review" type of services, like the WOT, without having an actual anti-virus in play as well.

It is always best to be safe vs sorry, but we also know we don't (and can't - due to how the server is setup now) spread crap.

Of course, my personal thought on those nasty viruses:
Windows is prone to a lot of them, due to the issues that they never seem to learn from.

Linux and Mac - not so many, almost none, and none have such bad effects...
Oddly enough, Linux and Mac also is easy ta use..
My Personal Opinion on Win7: Linux made to look like Windows.  (Seriously, everything 7 has - Fedora had years ago.)


TNSC Art Contest - October 2012

The latest winner is:
Luuuv you - https://www.sofurry.com/view/421731
by khnite - https://khnite.sofurry.com/

Current Nomination Theme:
Locker Room Scenes - Art of scenes inside the Locker Room.

Current Voting Theme:
Colorful Fursonas - Fursonas with Fur colors that are not considered standard or common.

Nomination and Voting Deadline:
November 1, 2012

Come Nominate and Vote at http://tnsc.thrill.to


The Birth Month of Drako Tags

This month is Drako's Birth Month. His birthday is on the 27th.

Feel free to wish him a happy birthday anyway you like.

You may also check out his wishlist here:
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