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Furry Porn Survey from me....

One of many to understand what people like and don't like so I can understand what to draw. Call this a survey for me to use.

You don't need to answer this but.... it will help me greatly if you do.... and some of these questions are cheesy.... but it'll help me.

1.) You prefer seeing the climatic moment, where Cum, Jizz, Spoo whatever you can call it....
Or not?

2.) When it comes to M/M what you prefer to see... anal or Oral and Preferred position sex position?

3.) Romantic, Sloppy, or Harsh (hard sex)?

4.) What environments intrigues you? Home like, Abandon, hotel/motel, car, or public (alleyways, behind buildings ect)?

5.) What you prefer to see on someone, Closed but exposed (buttons and fly open pants partially down), T-shirt and/or underwear, or full out naked?

6.) You prefer seeing genitalia, Money shots, seeing all shoved into some hole... or you prefer to see the characters in a sexual moment and it don;t show much besides the characters? (How missionary positions can't offer much to see when looking to the side is a example.)
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
1. yes, except when it's over the top amount of cum

2. anal, doggy style

3. Harsh, >:D mwahahahahaha

4. alleyways is a huge kink of my own

5. buttons and fly open pants partially down

6. seeing the genitalia, but when it's meant to be romantic moment seeing the characters is better
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