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Well,....I started posting again.

I thought I would give this place another shot.

one thing I've realized is I can't seem to win with posting anything
anywhere, there is always something wrong with what I post, So,
I guess I have to keep a broader notion to that.

so, No neokat images here,
but no Sonic or any images that relate to small/young characters at
FA, eh, guess thats just how the game has to be played for the moment.

just throwing it out for you guys,
I'll be posting a bit more.

thanks again for all of you who have continued to watch me,
and have even given me NEW watches even MONTHS after I had
stopped posting as well as had taken down all of my images, thanks
again guys.

hope that I'm able to continue entertaining as well as before.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
I'll still watch you anywhere
6 years ago
Glad to see you back here.
6 years ago
I never lost the hope <3
6 years ago
We know you can always show us amazing new pieces neokat. I eagerly await to see what you have in store for us.
6 years ago
hey ive always liked and always will like your work XD
6 years ago
Welcome back ^.^
6 years ago
Welcome back. :)
6 years ago
SoFurry pretty much allows everything. o3o Could try there?

Though the whole site's a damned ghost town... :/
6 years ago
Awesome!! :D *breaks out the marching band and parade!* ^^
6 years ago
I enjoyed your work no matter where you posted!
6 years ago
Just ignore the nay sayers ^^
6 years ago
Hey, been following you on any site I frequent. I don't mind going to FA for the ape stuff, here for the sonic stuff, and sofurry for anything that doesn't fit the other two.
6 years ago
We knew you'd return here..it was only a matter of time until FA had another Sonic Jihad.
6 years ago
Glad to see you're back, i think your one of the better artists i watch.
6 years ago
you can post any of your art on http://www.hentai-foundry.com/  So if you had stress over censorship, well, don't worry about it.  just please make a link to it.
6 years ago
There will always be haters and protestors, but if you can see past the angry mob there are people cheering you on. I'm proud to be in that group way in the back, always shielding you from the slings and arrows of aggressors, and idiots.

I look forward to seeing what you post here (And anywhere else) in the near future and beyond.  
6 years ago
It's all good! Welcome back, we missed you!
6 years ago
glad to see your still around. Hang in there.
6 years ago
i frequent both IB and FA, so im good either way. they both have their drawbacks and advantages.
i do recommend to people who only use FA to come here too though.

btw, wouldn't mind seeing more of that bird you drew a while back :P
6 years ago
had a couple birds,
which one was it you had on mind
6 years ago
the one you had titled "kat and bird"
6 years ago
oh yea,
that was a bit of a weird one.

I may do some more stuff like that later.
6 years ago
Question: you seemed to state you can't post Neokat here?

What is the dilemma?

Even should it be something you can't post without censorship, you can post a censored version with a link to an imageshack/dropbox/hentai-foundry post of it
6 years ago
I realized recently that my pixel animation was of neokat,
but of course being a pixel character I don't think anyone would notice,
but for images like this one:

became one of the "too human" images that got complained about.

I respect that rule, but I do still post her up at soFurry and FA.
6 years ago
But were they complaints from anyone who actually mattered? Lol

If they don't like it, they can just not click it this time around. Frankly, the more art, the better the artist. If they give you crap, I'll get 'em for ya. ^.-
6 years ago
the administrators were pulling them down themselves
telling me it violated the rules of being too human.

it did make me mad for a bit, but I wasn't too worried,
I still post her up at other sites.
6 years ago
There's nothing wrong with what you post.  Just keep improving your work as you go. There's always two sides to a coin. One side might not look as good as the other, so just focus on the part you like. :)   Much luck to you.
6 years ago
I'll follow you on here and SF, if that's what it takes to see your whole portfolio.
6 years ago
thanks a bunch for that,
and sadly you may be right, I can only
post ALL of my works on a series of sites.

eh well, at least my works is getting out there.
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