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Good Morning everyone.

This is the new me and it is wonderful, wonderful to be me. I've gone through so much in my life. And now, finally? I can't describe how happy I am. How happy I've become over the past three days. It was an awesome, awesome process and it only took one night to change my life.

Of course you're probably asking yourself "oh what in the world did you do to change you life?" Well, I'd have to explain certain things that would only require a deeper explanation of explanations. It's easier to just say that I read a story and it changed my life.

Of course if you read my journals on the other sites you may know me on, you'll already undoubtedly know my life has been changed, but when I'm wide awake at 4:30 in the morning, laughing and blushing with the excitement and joy of simply being me. There is nothing, Nothing, like that in the world, In the world. I would never, ever ever trade these days for anything in the world.

I'm finally me, I'm finally free.

It hurts to do back, It hurts to go back. I never thought I'd be happy hearing the words "it hurts," but I am.

There is so much to say and I can't say it all, but I can tell you... I can tell anyone who chooses to listen....

Be yourself. Find the thing, the thing that helps you be you. You can't be you if you're trying to be what people what you to be. Do not ever be ashamed to be yourself.

I still have days where i wish i could walk down the street and tell everyone. And Sure, sure, i do have to keep my secrets. But for right now, for these past few days I know what it's like to love myself more than anything in the world and i wish each and every one of you to find it.

So if you wake up in the morning and you see this message and you can hear the joy in my voice, know that you can have it too. It was a long time to come to me. It may be shorter or it may be longer to come to you but it will come to you.

You can have comeplete happieness if you just let go of everything and BE YOU.
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