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So is that what there calling it these days

My job is killing me,  not only do we still have our mandatory over time in force it's been upped.  so instead of 7 hours mandatory over time it's 10.   add to that family drama, form my sister, and her boyfreind, as well as work for my parents (mom is doing a major fundraising project for a local charity and its up to me to do the typing, and researching new pictures)  my time for writing has been shot through.  

Too keyed up after all this to write, but needing some sort of release I turned to something I've been rather leery of engaging in.  And addiction that has snared far to many of our kind in the last few years.   Yes I've been Skyrimming.   (sobs)  I'm so sorry....

Its weird I truly like the game,  the story is fun and the world is so wide,  I've spent hours ignoring my quests, and creeping through the woods hunting deer.  I like the rabbits though,  I rarely shoot them but they are fun to chase,  not as much fun as the Red Dead redemption rabbits,  those ones had these cute fat little butts that seemed to smack the ground when they ran....  It's weird that I think that right?

Anyway I'm currently playing an Argonion thief, (hey like I'd play one of the human variants and my sister plays a Kajit and cats are over rated.  plus a member of the Reptilian race being the "Dragon Born" just friggin makes sense to me.)  I'm having fun and hell I got married to this nice Argonian dock worker Scouts-Many-Marshes,  he's got these lovely blue scales.  So I actualy put in 2 days thought on where we should live.   I rulled out most places because the population is mostly human and well it didn't seem right,  so I took my sweet boy to Riften.   there are humans and elves there,  plus atleast 3 other argonions in town so he can have some one to talk to,  plus I'd helped the other argonion cuople get engaged recently so it seemed like a natural spot.   hell when he moved in a made a nest out of alchemy ingreediants on the bed (wheat, lavender, tundra cotten, and all shades of mountian flower)  and filled the center with a pile of eggs (what how can two males have that many eggs)  it looked cool.  I had hoped I could leave it in place but they way the roomes reload it became a huge mess.  but it was pretty cool,  I snapped a picture

Anyway sorry to ramble on like that.   I am hopping to get some story writing done this weekend and maybe have something to post for all you patent folks
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
photograher here; can i see the snapshot? :D
perhaps i should invest in this game
6 years, 6 months ago
sure  it's just a camera phone piccy but here you go

6 years, 6 months ago
*Sigh*  You got me thinking about it again.  I played Skyrim till I maxed out all my stats (this became painfully difficult at level 49).  I started out as what I called a Merchant of Death: emphasis on speech and sneek with backstabbing perks.  
My favorite thing to do with games like these is decorate my house.  Of course, I bought Proundspire, and it was decorated with unique items and careful placement of objects (it was MUCH easier in Fallout 3), but glitches kept screwing up my stuff!  Some of it was lost in the walls, and most of the rest was bounced off of where I set it when entering the building.
6 years, 6 months ago
yeah thats what happened with my nest.  

I, focused on and maxed sneak (I'll admit I used an exploit to power level sneak) smithing, pick pocket, and lock picking,  though I'm almost maxed on archery and a little behind that in one handed speach is moving up,  for the most part I ignored magic  though I'll admit when I started I used one spell almost constantly,  transmute ore.  buy, mine or steal cheap iron ore transmute it to silver then to gold smelt into ingots and make in to jewlery, raise smithing and profit

alchemey and most magics are my junk skills I hit up trainers for them to build up my levels

mind if I ask what species do you play?  my sis is a kajit so when ever I found one dead in the game(an assassin sent to kill me eaten by spiders in a swamp,  a carevan driver squashed by giants,) I'd send her a text saying I'd found her again
6 years, 6 months ago
I play a Kajit of course.  It was the only Furry race with fur.  
I don't see the exploits as problems.  In fact, I discovered a few tricks for rapidly advancing most of my skills.  My favorite had to be finding the grunt with a cheap dagger whom I let stab at me while I sat there wearing regen ring and amulet while casting healing every few seconds - advancing my armor and healing
My gold was in the stupid zone because I went hunting for Solid Dwemer Metal or something like that.  They make 5 Dwarven ingots each and that makes a suit and a half of dwarven armor so something worth 60GP turned into 3200GP.  OMG - I had to buy most of the stock from each merchant to be able to sell just one suit to them, but my GP and Barter skill went through the roof.
Also, around the first city there is a giant/mammoth ground with a rock that you can jump on to keep all of them from being able to attack you.  I got quite a few levels from just plinking them with arrows.
6 years, 6 months ago
My next go through will be as a psycotic orc or kajit

The only two exploits I took advantage of was a sneak one.  (find a stationary town guard with an open area and a wall behind him.  sneak away from him till you hit the wall,  then tape down the controler and do something else for a few hours)  and the arrow farming exploit

have you found the arrow farming exploit?  Go to some place liek solitude or the riften theses guild where there is an npc archer doing target practice.  you'll need 100 pick pocket with the perfect touch perk. or wait till he goes to bed and pickpocket him then you steal all his arrows and leave him one of the type you want.   If he's asleep the arrows will be un equiped making it easier.   Since Npc's never run out of arrows he'll fire that one arrow you gave him at the target again and again and you can just stand there picking them out.   I have over 500 daedric arrows from an hour of doing this.
6 years, 6 months ago
Heh, nope I did not think about that one, but I never needed it when I set up for a task, I built sets of equipment, early in the game I would go through dungeons set up for sniping with all of the equipment like Dark Brotherhood Gauntlets, amulet/ring of archery, and bows enchanted with fire and soul trap; even with Foresworn arrows it only took one.
I tickled myself when it came to naming the enchanted items; one of my ridiculously overpowered bows was named, "I.C.B.M."
6 years, 6 months ago
Who taught you about all this?
"You, alright?  I learned it from watching you!"

Parents: Kids are impressionable.  Don't Skyrim.
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