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Art, colds and videogames

Heya my lovely watchers! Today I'm finally getting over this danged cold I've been having. I got it pretty much as soon as I moved back in with my wife and kids. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! >:I I think it was an evil plan from all three of them! But at least I'm getting over it now XD ONTO THE TOPICS AT HAND!

First of all, ART! I have some plans for some art, one involving my good friend rosemaryteatree! Shes a pocket sized Cabbit, and we were having a good old laugh on Twitter yesterday, and so I decided I had to draw one of the things we spoke about. So be looking out for it, because I plan on starting that within the next few days. Also, on the Tumblr thing, I think I'm gonna try and give it a shot. But before I start taking questions and so on, I'm gonna try and come up with a cutesy and quick style to use for it. So once I've figured that out, I'll transform the Tumblr I already made, if I can change it's name and so on. If not, then I'll just make a new one >_>

This Tumblr will be for both Kinshuka AND the real me. So yes, I will be taking IC and OOC questions, and I'll be drawing myself in this cutesy style that I'll be coming up with. Interesting, no? :P NEXT SUBJECT!

Videogames. When it comes to streams, I honestly dont know if I'll be doing anymore. I'll try testing them on the connection I have currently, but if they dont work then streaming will be put on hold until we move into a better place and get a better connection. But of course, I'll still be playing videogames with the folks I have on my Steam account, to which anyone can add me to if they have Steam :P (Kinshuka is my username. Obviously X3)

I think thats it for now, folks. If you want to keep an eye on me and stuff, just follow me on Twitter. It's the best way to follow my life right now. The link is on my main page here :P Peace folks, love ya'll!
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
Aw, get well soon.
6 years, 6 months ago
Glad to hear you're feeling better. =3 [hugs]
Lookin' forward to the arts. ^_^
I should really use my Tumblr, just wish they weren't banhappy. ~_~;
Make sure you get FiOS or something really fast. X3
Thanks for the update. [hugs tight]
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