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Cameo List: Legend of Fnord 64

Do you want to make a Cameo in my Zelda 64 comic?
Legend of Fnord 64 pgs1-2 by FnordFox
Legend of Fnord 64 pgs3-4 by FnordFox
Legend of Fnord 64 pg5 by FnordFox

Private Message me (preferably with an appropriate subject line) to discuss which character you would like.

Every single character from the video game Ocarina of Time is available, even minor characters like shop owners.
Characters that have appeared in the comic already cannot be claimed.

Next characters appearing: Anju (The Cucco Lady), and The Magic Bean Seller

List of Characters unavailable in order of appearance (requested Cameos in purple):
Deku Tree: "Dikkuu Maple"
Navi: "Na'vee"
Link: "Fnord" Fox
Ganondorf: Snake
Mido: Squirrel
Saria (Forest Temple Sage): Another Squirrel
Kaepora Gaebora: PedoOwl
Malon: Border Collie
Zelda: "Zerudah" Unicorn
Impa (Shadow Temple Sage): "Isha" Ram
Epona: Horse
Death Mtn Gatekeep: Pervy Guard Dog
Happy Mask Shop Owner: "Newo" Arctic Fox
Graveyard Kid: "Kainus" Hybrid

Darunia: Himself
Great Fairy @ Death Mtn Crater: Heavily-implied-herm dragoness
Claimed characters who have not appeared yet:
Princess Ruto: Lucy the Shark
Rauru (Light Temple Sage): "Rawru" Lizard
Poe Shop Owner: "Katt" Cat
Target Practice Owner: "Fonsay" Bunny
Nabooru (Spirit Temple Sage): "Scheknul" Bunny
???: Stormyy Husky

Artist Preferences:
I would prefer all Kokiri characters be Squirrels
I would prefer all Zora characters be Aquatic
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
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