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Movie Monster's families

October is here, 4 weeks to Halloween, a lot of work to do and a lot of movie to see.

I never be a great fan of horror movie, with the exception of the classic Universal or Hammer monster's movie, and kaiju's too. I admit, I hate gore and platter so even if I like the iconic characters I stay away from blood. Still I love monsters, I love to see and draw them and as a Dungeon Master I love to create them :) (nerdiness level rising).

Looking at the really funny commentaryies of Cinemassacre.com I was wondering if it's possible to subdivide monsters into categories.

I know there are some different horrors, like slasher, gothic, zombie, cannibal, sci-fi, and so on, but what about the monsters? The first idea was to use the categories from the rpg, so undead, construct, etcetera.
But maybe it's a little more fun in another way, with their origins.

Until now I came with this:

Man made monsters, a.k.a. "It's aaaaliiiiveee!", a.k.a "It's science!"
-"I want to be god" creature
-wrong experiments/gifted (the fly)

Killing animals
-mutated animals
-ancient creatures
-nothing special but many, big or bad

Gothic flavour
-crazy people who hate the world and want to f*ck the girl (quasimodo, phantom of the opera)

-normal human serial killer
-once human serial killer now unstoppable monster
-torturer who wants to play

-ancient god
-prehistoric animal
-big insects

-primitive humans from the dark continent
-crazy cannibal hobo
-crazy, usual orgiastic, cult

-giant big monster (ok, it's a kaiju)
-alien invasion
-replicant (subtle alien invasion, a.k.a. "I wanna be like you")
-creepy children
-absorbing monster and viruses

-avenging ghost
-we are dead and we don't know

-by  magic (witches)
-by science (superpower)
-by intruding aliens (or weapons)

A simpler subdivision is:
Science fiction
Animal on loose

Any other?
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