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LiveStream 9/30 - Also, Conbadges/Commissions!!

This is going to be a bit different from days/weeks/years past. If you're not concerned about the details and just wanna go check out the livestream, I'd skip to the bottom for now. ;)

I'm not one to take on more work than I can handle, usually. Though, the state of my commission list may state otherwise to some of you. The fact is, I've been a bit slow in the past few weeks to show ANY kind of progression in my commission requests, let alone my webcomic, which had it's first real stumble over the past 3 weeks (filler art one week, the next week nothing and finally a NEW comic just this past weekend - that's 3 weeks from one comic to the next). Part of the reason for this is because I recently went back to work for the lawn care company that I'd left back in June. Some may see this as a step backward. I see it as a necessity, despite my desire to get out of that world completely so I can focus on my own personal goals.

It's not an easy road to take, nor is it necessarily one that I even WANT to take. But, it's one that I HAVE to take for the time being in order to keep food on the table, a roof over our heads and a means in which to communicate with those that HAVE commissioned me thus far.

That's the BAD news.

Now, the GOOD news is that this does NOT mean that I'm leaving. Far from it, actually. See, the good thing about this job, which has ALWAYS been the case, is that Late Fall/Early Winter tends to be what we in the service industry refer to as "dead". I'm sure you get my meaning, of course. ;) So, after about the middle of October, I go back to my previous schedule of nothing-to-do-but-draw, and get my ass back on these previously requested commissions.

To everyone that has requested art from me up to this point, I have NOT forgotten you. Far from it. I still have your contacts with me, either through my own spread sheets, or through email, or even notes collected through my many many online galleries. o_o You WILL all receive your art. That's a promise.

Having said that, we are in a position right now that necessitates opening ourselves (both Gaby and I) up to taking on even newer commissions as a lower, pre-con rate. Here is what we're proposing:

We are offering up 2 different types of conbadge commissions. These conbadges will be collaborative, meaning that either I do the line art, Gaby does the colors, or vice versa, depending on your preference of art style:
1) $10 Headshot badges - Literally, a head & shoulder shot of your character with their name. At cons, this would normally be $20. If you pick up at con, no additional charge. If you need it mailed, a $5 shipping charge will be applied.
2) $30 Action Badges - My usual comicbook-panel-based conbadges. Usually, at least the upper body of your character, sometimes a bit more, with name. 4x6", laminated with clip. As before, no charge if picking up at con. $5 additional shipping charge if you prefer it be mailed.

The same collaborative efforts are being offered in commission form, as well! As before, one of us will do the line art, the other, the coloring work. Here's what we're offering:
1) 9x12" commissions - sketches $30, inks $45, full color $65
2) 11x14" commissions - sketches $40, inks $55, full color $75
3) 11x17" comic page commissions (this is an offer I am offering exclusively, not Gaby, and will be drawn on blue-lined comic pages, to provide an authenticity to the work) - sketches $60, inks $85, full color $125 -- I hope I don't need to explain the need for such a drastic upgrade in pricing for a page this large. It is very time-consuming working on pages like these. If I were to be asked at a con for a page like this, I would say to add at LEAST $20 to each stage of completion, possibly more depending on the amount of detail.

If this is something that you would like to find out more about, contact me here, or email me at wtcomic@gmail.com. Or...

Come check out my LiveStream!! Just watch for the Stream announcement. :) Happening very shortly. Promise!

Seeya there! :)
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