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Close TNSC???

Close TNSC?

So, among issues regarding hosting (typically with services like WOT) and the layout changes not appearing to appeal users, I fear I may just need to close TNSC.

Now, TNSC is on TWO hosts, one that has no qualms with any of the known blacklists - except McAfee which shows the site in the red for literally NO REASON.  (Suriously, all their "self tests" show the site in the green - and they still say the host has issues.)  The other was pornhome (our main server) which had a couple users abuse their services to spread malware in the past, and both got arrested for it too-thanks to the host reporting them.

I'm all for moving the site to the other host, since all the files are there - then I hear that users don't like the layout.
Need I remind you that we had numerous users VOTE as to WHICH layout THEY WANTED for TNSC - so WHY DID THEY VOTE ON A LAYOUT THEY DID NOT LIKE??  (They tell me the layout looks too bland)

So now, I'm just dismayed.  I feel like I have wasted 10 years of my life.
The funny part is, the past few changes to the sites layout WERE CHOSEN BY THE SITES USERS, not me!!!

This has me so upset, that I really am debating calling it quits and just closing down.
Let the big 4 have their users till they finally either alienate them all completely, or close down due to "lack of funding"

Then I would laugh.. why??
Because the users made bad decisions and drove their lowly slave coder to madness.

I have kept trying to make changes to make the site more appealing.
I have added the color and the thumbnails to the front page - Yes.. I do all that myself.
I have tried to had some pep to the site... Even asked users and potential users their thoughts and ideas on making changes and improvements.

I still get NOTHING.. No Respect, no real solid userbase, noone providing any feedback - even though I'm CONSTANTLY asking for it,
and certainly no "thanks for the effort"
Much less, I NEVER GET PAID from the site (unlike the admins from pretty much every other site out there, driving up rates for fees and/or the donation need.)  -- This means I have to work FULL TIME alongside making this site to support me and Mixy.

I even went into talks to move the site onto a private host... Which fell through rather quickly... and not on my end.

You all have driven me crazy...  If you didn't like the changes, why vote them in?
Why not leave comments for other ideas or layouts??
What the hell do you want me to do with this site??

I can't perform miracles, and I certainly cannot read minds.
But you all are the sites USERS - you are supposed to TELL ME what you WANT from the site.
This includes how you would like the site to appear.

I cannot build all this FOR YOU WITHOUT YOUR FEEDBACK!!!

I'm so close to just being done with it all, to just fucking giving up...
To closing it all down and not making any replacements... and calling 10 years of my life a complete fucking waste of time....

So, I'm calling out to all of you...

Please tell me what you think of TNSC thus far??

Do you think it needs a layout change?  If you think the site looks fine as is, tell me so!
If so, feel free to provide me with some layouts or layout ideas - or you can chose from one of the five I have picked out:
1. http://www.webzonetemplates.com/all/Free-Tech-Template...
2. http://www.zymic.com/free-templates/112/live-preview/
3. http://www.zymic.com/free-templates/37/live-preview/
4. http://www.zymic.com/free-templates/9/live-preview/
5. http://andreasviklund.com/files/demo/inland-wood/

If you don't like any of the above, here are a few sites that offer free layouts.  You can send me a link to one you do like.

Right now, anyone just giving me some feedback and a few people coming over to TNSC and perhaps using the site at least a little bit, would ease my mind and help me to keep working on this wonderful community site.  I did build it all for you guys to enjoy and play around on... I'd love to see just that happen.

On a side note:
I really have no plans on shutting down my precious 10 year old baby.  I put my life and my soul into that site and want to see it actually succeed.  So for those users who will be providing me feedback, you BETTER start posting to TNSC.  For those that don't post or be active on the site, I may as well take in your feedback - but I may hold off on changes until posts start coming in.

I also LOVE GETTING FEEDBACK!  If I make changes, its based on user feedback.  Major changes like layouts and stuff could even be put in a poll to determine which change would be best FOR THE USERS.  I don't build this site for myself... I built it for YOU!

(Personally, I like the current sites layout, and if I were to change layouts, I really like option 4 above.)

Come check out TNSC at http://tnsc.thrill.to
Help me ease my mind...
I would never close TNSC if I know that it has active users.

And for all its worth, users can donate to TNSC and help to improve the site.

I will be moving the site to its other host shortly, to aid in helping users trust the site more.
As a part of this Change, there will be a sitewide menu change when I setup a new Adult Library - which has been getting overrun with spam bots.
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