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Commissions are OPEN, Free stuff is NOT

I am low on money now so I will NOT be doing any free art.

And I will not be doing the for a long time. Someone decided to harass/insult me about this, continually asking me to give them free art when I told them over and over again that I'm only doing paid commissions. I ALREADY did free art for him when I was in my generous artistic mood, and when I ask him to commission me THIS time, he insults me and continuously tries to push for free art.

So because of that person (yes one person) I will not be taking requests for a LONG time.

For those who think I'm over-reacting, you try being nice to people then having them try to take advantage of your talent and milk stuff off of you.

I will be updating my Commission TOS.

A MAJOR change is that I will HAVE to be in direct contact (chat, PM email) with the commissioner (no third party communication.)

I WILL be doing mature art now. But they will cost $5-10 extra ($5 for exposure or erection, $10 for sexual action, intercourse, jerking off, playing with toys) NO CUB SEX EVER. THAT'S FINAL.

Another MAJOR change is that I will be requiring payment after the first sketch approval. And I will ONLY accept USD.
The reason for this change is that one commissioner ended up not having the money on hand and tried paying me in Second Life money. As I am BRAND new to the game, I have no experience or drive to find out how to work that game currency to real life money.

Please do not complain about the changes or my status on things

And I am NOT disclosing the names of the people who messed all this up here. I do not want any sort of drama heading their way and another reason for them to insult me.
If they want to share their name here that's their business and not my doing.

So again

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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
^^ Ah Quite Understandable I would get very ticked off if someone pestered me about Free arts-- I haven't looked at your recent commissions Journal I think it was-- So I'll have to go see how that is working-- Cause you know I really love you're Artwork-- just been absent from Inkbunny -- I need to get back into all of this..^^
(And sorry-sorry if it seems like I am comment bombing you friend..^^;)
6 years, 2 months ago
its ok dont worry about it. I appreciate your comments
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