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TOTAL RECALL. Who else has seen it?

I just went to its final screening at my local cinema, having put it off for a while until a convenient time to see it had presented itself. The fact that I just made the final screening here tells you how successful that plan was. X3

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, and more so than I did the latest Dark Knight movie, which must be saying something considering Batman is my most favouritest superhero! =O

I managed to briefly scan some reviews beforehand, which is something I never do (and shall now always do, no thanks to Shyamalan and his bastardised interpretation of Airbender D8< ... although 2 years after the movie came out, it kinda served me right for not checking reviews, heh. XP), and I must admit they had me getting a little worried there... I mean, I was looking forward to TOTAL RECALL a hell of a lot more than Dark Knight 3, not that Batman was ever a disappointment.

I'm totally psyched that RECALL turned out so good. ^_^

... but, see? This is why I've never relied on reviews and crap. Let's face it, while some of us might not mind watching (for example) some romantic chick flick that happens to come on TV when there's nothing else to do, there's no way we'd ever go see it at the cinema, no matter how good the reviews were, right? =\

For instance, anyone seen Meet Joe Black? They played that on TV here not so long ago. I can't recall what was on the other channel that I missed in order to watch Joe Black with the family, but damn that was a strange movie. O_o
Not... bad, exactly. It was... interesting enough that I had to see how it all ended. It wasn't what the TV ads gave the impression it was... but at 178 minutes it was a damn long movie! D8
Well, I only say it like that because I had planned to do other stuff that night, and didn't expect it to go for so long. XD

In the end, I suppose, everyone has different ideas on what makes a good movie. The only way to know for sure is to watch it yourself... although, frankly, I kinda wish the staff of that DVD store had screamed at me not to buy Airbender, in order to spare me the misery of watching it... holy crap, I just realised: how the hell did I manage to sit all the way through Airbender?! Argh! >_<

So many reviews of RECALL made claims of tediousness... and said that the action quickly outstayed it's welcome, but... I didn't experience any of that, so... uh... I don't know what movie those guys must have been watching. O_o

Also they said there were no mutants and aliens like the Arnie version. Well, obviously the plastic surgery of the future can give a woman three breasts. It's the future (although that did seem just a little "on the nose" XP[/color])! And, well, everyone in The Colony were borderline mutants and aliens anyway, so I had no problem with that... and from someone somwhere within the old colony, we kind of ARE borderline mutants and aliens, down here! XD

... and so are the rest of you! 8D

At least there were robots, right? And flying... er, no, I mean mag-lev... er... hovercars? Whatever they were, I quite liked the technology and cities in that vision of the future. I've been on a LEGO kick lately, specifically Space Police, so I kinda kept thinking about building one of those "Federal Police" fliers. =P
I may be a little disappointed they ended that mag-lev hovercar chase scene so abruptly... though I suspect that's part of the technology: gotta keep the cars on rails, and keep the skies clear for the military enforcer... er, I mean security... yes... security enforcers, for your protection. ^_^

Uh, I think I've rambled on enough... and shouldn't have given away any spoilers than you would have already seen in the trailer... so we'll call it a wrap. =3

In conclusion: TOTAL RECALL totally kicked ass! XD

Now, to dig through my LEGO collection and figure out some wicked cool, sleek designs for my Space Police squad cars and whatnot (a modified version of the SP-1 theme, rather than SP-3. I don't like the SP-3 dark bley uniforms much, and I have tons of them, rather than the old black/white/trans-red SP-1 or even green/white/black/trans-green SP-2 uniforms which I always loved... at least the SP-3 sets gave me a whole bunch of trans-red visors and black air-tanks so I can make some decent SP-1 substitutes using regular black Police torso's from the City theme. ^_^).
... I should probably find a decent camera too... to photograph my awesome (yeah, right XP) Lego MOCs. 8D
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6 years, 6 months ago

:3   Not as in-depth as you...  But there... :P
6 years, 6 months ago
Yay! XD
... I may have gone a little off track a couple of times... X3
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