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It's over. You're fucking DONE.

I lost the ability to respond properly to the shit happening in this presidential election. Counting the number of gaffes, lies, flip-flops and smokescreens Mitt Romney has laid out since day one would be like trying to count the grains of sand on earth by hand. My previous journal was in response to the egregious response to the embassy attack that killed an ambassador and three others, or maybe it was something else. I forget.

And that's the problem! He and his entire brain trust explodes every five seconds, and before anyone has a chance to react, it happens again twice over! Mitt Romney will go down in history as a presidential candidate who ran on no concrete platform on ANY subject when it mattered. He will also be remembered as a potential incursion into the highest branch of the US government, empowered by an implacable desire to increase his own profits, at the cost of everyone around him. Like an uninhibited Von Neumann machine, he ran companies into the ground when he ran Bane (sic) Capital to make obscene profits, and he used this track record as his example of economic expertise.

I won't pretend that I know Mitt Romney behind closed doors, but based on what I've seen, he seems to be a man with NO culture outside of profit; that profit is God; that profit is the world; that profit is the very essence of life. To most people, money is a means to an end, a means to purchase a house, food, water, clothing, entertainment, and security; to ensure their own preservation so they can focus on things they like. To Mitt Romney, money seems to be an end to itself, the ONLY end that matters, and he seeks profit like a crazed hyena and is willing to abandon all sense of moral value or character to make it.

I will openly admit that the parts I've said about him being a man focused entirely on profit, that he will milk the entire US economy and treasury then flee the country as the system collapses, is all speculative. However, I didn't make these claims and accusations out of the blue. I looked long and hard at this presidency and the news delivered by multiple media outlets (not including Fox News), and this is my conclusion.

It's things like this that prove he has no interest in helping the American people or fixing the economy. Saying "I don't care about X people" on its own is already a moral event horizon as a candidate. But the fact that he said that about nearly HALF of the country, a combination of the elderly, college grads like me who were inducted into and inherited a cratered economy, men and women who entered the military to seek better opportunities and end up risking and in many cases sacrificing their lives fighting a pointless war and among others a class of people whose livelihoods he personally destroyed with his malicious economic manipulations while at Bain Capital; all these people he threw under the bus as "entitled" and unable to take personal responsibility, and basically said "I only need to get elected." is by far the biggest, unequivocally most callous gaffe he has made in this entire clusterfuck of an election.

Willard Mitt Romney, you have proven yourself time and time again, that you are incapable of being president, that serving the country is not your interest or intention. You have alienated most of the country with sheer apathy, if they didn't already bear the scars of your malicious raids when you ran Bain Capital as a pirate ship. Your plan as president seems to be to turn the entire country into a treasure chest to be looted and plundered by the ultra rich without inhibition or fear of repercussion, and you forgot (if you even cared in the first place) to even dress that wolf up. You've done everything possible to destroy your platform, your own character, and any chance that you will become president. It's over. You're fucking DONE. Get the fuck off the cameras and out of politics FOREVER!
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Well said.
6 years, 9 months ago
Very well said indeed.
6 years, 9 months ago
Thanks. Reading it this morning, I feel like I channeled my inner Olbermann last night. It makes me wonder what his rant would be like.
6 years, 9 months ago
Now THAT I would really LOVE to see. XD
6 years, 9 months ago
Hopefully this means he won't win. I really don't follow their bullshitting .
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