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Oh, hey, before I forget!

Yeeaaah, totally passed my driving test.

That doesn't mean all that much though; the system here is bizarre and pointless - yes, you do need to pass the test eventually, so it is good news, but ultimately your reward for passing the test is that bugger all changes, practically.

Confusingly, when this next phase is over and done with, there is no test before you can become a fully-fledged driver. The test is absolutely premature and doesn't confirm your ability to drive smoothly.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but at this point an American would just have a fully-fledged license by now, right? Pass the test, slam-blam-thank-you-ma'am, can drive now?
If so, I'd crack a joke about accident rates in the US but we should all know by now that excess regulation and testing before you can drive is not the key to accident prevention.

A culture of excessive drinking, douche-baggery and lack of experience is the cause of it, however, so it probably doesn't matter what tests or rules you follow.

Turns out a half-drunk dipshit in a Chrysler is a dipshit regardless of how many hours of "graduated piss-about licensing system" you put him through.  :D
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
Our system is peculiar, to say the least, but since 16-18 year olds generally try to get jobs and public transportation is nonexistent except in the largest cities, you don't really have much of a choice.
6 years, 5 months ago
Here, they're pretty much f*cked. Gotta love it.
But in all seriousness, that's my problem. The system here is broken and ridiculous, appeasement for ignorant, youth-hating grinches who already have licenses and wouldn't be affected by the recent changes.

Incoming rant.
Let me break it down: 55-75 dollars a lesson per hour. Can need upward of 10 lessons if going for manual license. Test is difficult (and can also cost a lot) depending on the assessor or sheer luck - it's not uncommon to fail 2+ times, as many assessors are power-mad dipshits, so my first-time pass is impressive.

After test, depending on the state it's 25-100 hours of further supervised driving. IE, you are not able to drive alone even after passing the test. You must drive with a person who has held their FULL license for over 4 years (so they must've been driving for over 6 years) - eliminates young drivers.
After hours are satisfied, cannot progress if under the age of 17 and/or 6 months have not passed since you passed your test. Meaning nothing changes, for a minimum of 6 months you still cannot drive if mommy or daddy are not in the car with you.

Oh dear, how are you going to get jobs and get to work? Hmm? Better hope your parents have the same hours as you, work in the same area as you, are still supporting you, give a fuck about you, don't have tight or volatile schedules... are still alive. Can drive themselves, for that matter.

One more shitty test at the end of the six month period, then you're onto your "P" plates, where you enjoy such restrictions as fucking curfews (!!!!) for driving, area restrictions and so on - for 18 months.

End result? Equivalent or higher road fatality rate per capita as the USA. Nice job, Nanny McGovernment. It makes nobody safer.
And since the smug dipshits that are unaffected by this, don't understand the difficulties the current system poses, and/or honestly believe bullshit like "give a teenager a car and he'll immediately try to ramp it off something!", don't give a damn, this won't change no matter how eloquently the argument is made.

So yeah. I made progress. But now I can only move at the pace they "let me" and I still cannot drive to a workplace - so my job options are still effectively nil, but oooo the roads are safe because I can't drive but the "DILLIGAF*" bumper-sticker-wielding fuckskull in a Holden is clearly more qualified. All because my parents didn't support me getting this done when I was 16, so you can imagine how incredibly helpful they are now.


* - "Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck", Australian bumper-sticker, regularly seen on douche-tits' cars. Indicates the bearer doesn't care about you, will cut you off, speed, and is generally a prick. Suggested remedy: shoot the impotent twat in the face with a turd-cannon.
6 years, 5 months ago
There's a lot of our culture that's pretty uh... Non-dochebaggery. But yeah, mostly douchebags who think the bible runs our country. I'm moving out of here as fast as I can. :/
6 years, 5 months ago
and lack off sleep.
6 years, 5 months ago
If you were under 18, in the US, you'd have a licence with certain restrictions on when you can drive and who you can drive with.  If you're over 18 (which I know you are), yes, in the US, you'd be fully licensed.  In Massachusetts, at least, your learner's permit would be stamped by the examiner (which is always a state trooper), and your license would be mailed to you in 1-2 weeks.

And yes, "my" country has plenty of douchebaggy stuff about it.  Why do you think I'm trying to move to Sweden?
6 years, 5 months ago
Hey now, I take my drinking very seriously. Not all of us drunkards get shitfaced and drive. Those other bastards give us a bad name. ;_;

Besides, I love where I live. Living downtown, the nearest bar is a 5 minute walk away and within a 1 mile radius there are at least 30+ bars. Bar crawls are a holiday event around here. :3
6 years, 5 months ago
To be fair, almost nobody I know drinks and drives, and when they ever have, they've never engaged in risky behavior. The worst accident anyone I know has been in was what happened to my friend: he zipped around a roundabout very quickly, in a car that should've been capable of it, but he went wide and clipped his wheel on the curb. Only "fatality" was his expensive wheel.
Still a stupid idea though.

That does sound like a good area for nightlife. Not much around here, but that's sort of the problem for me. My friends all live ages away, and they live near all the good places. Y'see, they're all about, oh, say, a 25 minute drive away? Gah!
6 years, 5 months ago
Only time I ever got into a near-death experience via car OF MY OWN VOLITION was when I was zooming down some mountain roads. It was an area I grew up in so I knew it well. I took a turn just right... if there had not been high winds. A big gust came up and nudge my car just a smidgen to the outside of the turn, where my front-right tire lost traction in the gravel. Instantly fishtailed me. Luckily I knew how to right my car, cause if I didn't I would have went face-first into a mountain cliff at 45 MPH. Scared the crap out of me, but the only hurting I had was a bruised ego and a few minor scratches on the right side of my car that gave a love-tap to the mountain instead of my front-end being totaled. Otherwise, all other vehicular-related near-calls have all been due to me trying to avoid some other idiot who either cuts me off or runs a red light or something.

And it's a great area for a night life. It's unfortunate that my employment nearly took it all away, lol. But still, 25 minute drive to your friends? Doesn't sound too bad. I use to drive anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to see friends. And once you know the roads well enough, time passes by rather quickly as you are driving along.

Anyway, congrats on getting one step closer to getting a license! You'll enjoy it once you get it!
6 years, 4 months ago
Geez, now that's the kind of tail that makes a new driver nervous. We're all used to the car behaving and doing as its told; I don't want to have to worry about gusts of wind or slippery roads causing it to get its own ideas about the direction I want to be going at 100kmph! Wah!
Or, for that matter, idiots with "experience" who think running red lights is cool or cut me off because they're trying to compensate for their tiny... brains.

And yeah, I was kind of simplifying. My closest friends are 25 minutes away, but usually they drive here, drive elsewhere, then drive me home, then drive back to their home - so it takes them 100 minutes of driving if they want to do anything with me. Or I can get stuck on public transport for an hour each way, on the lookout for dipshits and lunatics and unable to carry anything more than a bag or two.
My farthest friends (but still the same city) are, uh, geez. Something like an hour either direction. Ugh.

This all will be fine when I can cart my own backside around. I'll even keep a sleeping bag in the car! Long trip? Pah. I'll just snooze on the back seat!
6 years, 4 months ago
Don't let me scare you too much. While it's healthy to have a sensible amount of fear of the road and other people on it, it's not if you do not want to drive at all or you put others in danger for obstructing traffic. The trick is to find Zen (the state of mind, not the artist), a balance of calmness with awareness, being alert but not panicked, driving with confidence but not aggressiveness. Also, knowing as much as you can about your own car and how it handles, as well as how outside factors such as weather and ground consistency affects how the car handles, is also a practice in keeping yourself and your vehicle out of harms way.

Heck, drive a single car long enough and hard enough it eventually becomes an extension of yourself. When you start looking into your mirrors, you start to see more than what's just in the mirrors but as well as 'feel' the other cars around you. You'll be able to judge the general feel of traffic and pick the safest route and lane without really thinking about it.

Best thing to do is just to drive. Drive constantly and everywhere for any reason. Do it enough with the same vehicle until your conscious thoughts about the small details become unconscious, freeing your focus to allow for more thinking ahead of time. Try to make plans to go to fun events, like a convention or a faire, and offer rides to your friends. My friends used to chip in a few bucks each so we'd have gas money to go to punk shows and malls and stuff.

Oh... and if you can, leave your windows rolled up at all times. It helps keep the car aerodynamic, saving on gas, and you'll never run into a situation where a bee flies into your car... or a bird. Into your friends car. Where you had to grab the wheel for him because the bird smacked him in the face. Not a small bird, either. A full-grown male crow. Scared the ever-living daylights out of us.
6 years, 5 months ago
Yeah in the U.S. there is about 60 percent less stonewalling. Jesus Lebron Christ the amount of stipulations out there for unrestricted driving privileges are  excessive. But all the same, congrats on getting past one cornfield of red tape.
6 years, 5 months ago
Around here, you have to be 18 to even be allowed behind the wheel of a car. Still, people 18-25 are the major bad guys when it comes to caused accidents, followed by seniors. Bwah. :C
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