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Congressman Paul Ryan

If you do not like politics then do not read.... If you do like politics and/or have a large penis then read this, comment and enjoy. Keep debates calm though.

I don't much about other stances he has taken regarding LGBT, but ABC reports this:

Ryan is "notably further to the left on the issue of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender rights than the base of the party. He broke with a lot of his party to support the Employee Non-Discrimination Act in 2007. He explained his reasoning for the vote in this way: 'They [his gay friends] didn't roll out of bed one morning and choose to be gay. That's who they are.'"

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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
Romney and Ryan make me physically ill. Whenever they appear on TV, I have to turn away. I end up cursing at the TV screen; that's how much I fucking hate them.
6 years, 7 months ago
We all have opinions of the president and the runners. Romney and Ryan have my support. I do not agree with butting out of Iraq and Afghanistan idea Romney has in mind, because how messed up it is out there, some one needs to stand up for the little people against these Taliban terrorists.

But these two seem more promising than Obama, reason I say this because Obama has did many things and yes succeeded but he failed harshly in increasing job employment with money we never had int he first place. Instead of aiding the economy by helping to build up money, he spent what we really never had int he first place. I will not lie there is many Democratic Ideas I do support especially when it comes ot the environment, but a IOU note is not going to cut is. In my opinion, politics is like the laws of physics, you can't gain something out of purely nothing without atoms and particles. That's what Obama tried to do is make something happen out of nothing, which is beyond impossible.

I like Romney's idea because I believe he knows what he is doing, its not money that runs the economy its the people. Creating and rebuilding corporations for production. Producers=Value - Value= Profit. Money means nothing if there is no value behind it., but it means something if you take raw materials and make something the world needs.
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