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Zsisron's Third Annual Hypnosis-Story Contest!

Hello there folks! :D It's time for another of my hypnosis story contest! :D I've taken in your recommendations from last time (Well, Blue collected them for me!) and have edited the rules. :) So without further ado... here are da rules!

Zsisron Presents: The Mesmer's Third Annual Hypnosis Story Contest!

There is only one division, so stories can be either adult or clean. Remember erotica doesn't always make a winning story.


Like last year we have a set few artists that will be drawing prizes for the contest (one piece per artist). So first place would get first choice, second place would get second choice... all the way down to the runner up who would get a piece drawn by the available artist.

This list is subject to change, though changes will be notified via journal entries. Some artists may take a couple or so months to finish the commission depending on their workload. This information will be given to the winners so they can choose their prize with the best information possible. Each artist is only drawing one prize for the contest unless indicated otherwise.

- Noiserut
A choice of a deluxe one character piece or a two-character artist's freedom piece. Deluxe includes up to four different sketches while the artist's freedom one only allows edits on character designs.

- Immelmann
An illustration of a scene from your story.

-   SpelunkerSal
A flat colour piece with up to two characters and a simple background.

- Airu
A choice between a two character inked piece or a one-character full colour piece.

-  Nokemy
A coloured piece with up to two characters.

-    Headvoices
A coloured piece with up to two characters.

-    Marcothecat
A coloured piece with up to two-three characters.

-   Tokifuji
A one page B&W comic that is toned and may contain up to three characters. (In the similiar style as Beach Daze)

-    Sarovak
A two-character coloured piece with background. (Will be choosing his own winner from the contest)

-    Majorra
A two-character coloured piece.

-    Turbine Divinity
A coloured hypnosis themed piece.  

-    Moodyferret
Choice of either a 3-pose ref sheet, a two character fully coloured and shaded piece, or a two-character flat coloured piece and a background.

-    Tacokurt
Choice of a B&W Comic or a B&W illustration from the story.

-Patches Namaki

A single character coloured piece.

This list is subject to change and more prizes may be added.


-Hypnotism is a required main subject and must be used within story.

-Stories are limited to a 3k Minimum word requirement and a 30k Max word Requirement

-The subject or one of the subjects getting hypnotised must be from the species list! (In other words, at least one of those species should be getting hypnotized. There is no set gender so feel free to write about a female, or male or herm etc.)

-There is no set sexual orientation or genders for any characters (as mentioned above). So you are free to write a gay, lesbian, bisexual, hetero story. You will not be penalized or rewarded (given extra credit) for choosing any orientation over the other in either category.

-Unlike last year, there will not be separate divisions. There'll only be one division. So feel free to write either an adult or clean story. Again no reward or penalty will be given for going clean.

-Stories created before the day this journal was implemented do not count. Unless the story was written specifically for this contest and someone notified me before I officially announced the contest.

-You may write in any style you wish, be it first person, third person, etc.

-Again, if you win, any rules the artists already have in place about commissions still apply. So if you want something that the artist wouldn't otherwise draw for an actual commission you'll hafta think up something else.

Species List

Made a list of the species so that people could see them in an orderly fashion. One of the characters that is getting HYPNOTIZED must be one of these listed species:

Any sort of scaly (Like snakes, lizards, etc.)
Dragon (I will allow gargoyles, wyverns, and drakes to fall under this category as well,
Simian/Primate (Humans do not count under this.)
Cetaceans (Dolphins/Whales)
Red Pandas
Cervines (Deer, elk, etc.)
Aliens/Xenomorphs (I.e. aliens that aren't just dragons/wolves/etc. from space. ) EX: https://d.facdn.net/art/zsisron/133....._sir_pokey.jpg

I will say this again, this list only is for the PERSON BEING HYPNOTIZED. The hypnotist can be any species.

Not Allowed Fetishes

-Copious Gore (A bit of bleeding/biting is alright, but when you start gettin' into wounds, lacerations, etc, that's where the line is drawn.)

-Death/Undeath – By this I mean in a fetishized way.

-Watersports /scat(Urination/Defectation, etc.)

-Extreme/True Vore – (Vore that ends in excrements or death.)


-More may be added when the need arises.


The deadline for the contest will be December31st, with judging taking place for the couple weeks following this. Any entries after December31st will be disregarded unless specific arrangements are made. (Though this will be by a case-by-case basis and you'll need to contact me if you think you may go a day or two over the deadline). This time there will be no extension or push back as there have been previously.


Stories will be judged by the use of hypnosis, grammar, pacing, story development, and use of description.
Reviews or our personal opinions about your stories may be set out via note if you request it. But be for warned punches aren't pulled and our opinions are just that! You can be against it but no bickering or arguing with the judges is permitted. Also no score will be shown either so don't count yourself out just because you didn't get top comments.

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the top stories being offered prizes, there will be a secondary opportunity for recognition presented last year by DarkWitt. These honorable mentions will point out stories of merit that have a small little feature about them worth spending a little time to sink into. The categories may be subject to change as the contest goes on:
Best Subject
Best Hypnotist
Best Induction
Most Entertaining Utilization of a Subject
Best Enthralled Writing
Best Story under 3,000 Words (while the entry may not qualify for the real prize, it's worth at least noting for a small blurb of hypnotic goodness on the go.)
Best Transformation
Best Narration
Best Atmosphere
Most Potential
Most Accurate Hypnosis Session
Best Twist
Best Clean Story
Best Fan Fiction
Most Horrific
Best Villain
Funniest story


Judging will be done by Darkwitt, Bluedude, and myself Zsisron. Each judge wanted to say something about the contest. <:

Greetings, everyone. For those of you uninitiated in the specifics of this contest, I am Darkwitt. I was one of last year's Hypnosis Story Contest's Judges along with BlueDude and Zsisron. I am quite honored to be part of this experience again. I have been Involved in the hypnosis community for about six years, quietly influencing art, stories and otherwise in the background. I had begun very much as some of you will for this contest: a humble author wishing to get across a hypnosis tale to weave.

I have also trained myself to practice actual hypnosis; text, voice, and in person. I've been a hypnotist for about three years now, and it carries over rather nicely when you are trying to judge inductions and Hypnotic control.

Writing for hypnosis is much more difficult than one could be led to believe. A good Hypnosis story is more than just using a pocket watch as a minor plot device for pedantic shorthanding. The theme has to be densely weaved into your story. Thought needs to be put in how you use it, because if you treat it as haphazardly as you would a deus ex machina, the story is left unbalanced and unsatisfying. I will be writing my honorable mentions as I have last year. In addition; for those of you wishing to improve on your writing beyond the contest, I will be writing critiques for my own organization and memory. If any of you wish to gain valued notes and an honest opinion, be warned. I have learned that a little harsh treatment goes a long way if you need to sell the point home, and I do not spare the rod if something needs to be chastised. Believe me; it will make your next story all the stronger. I wish you all the best of luck, take your time, and write a few drafts. I'm sure I will be quite impressed with the turnout this year.

I've enjoyed hypnosis for quite some time now... I remember the first few stories I read were Wolphin/Divigon and Ouroboro/Chrysops55 . I try to commission it often since it's nice to spread out a bit of hypnotic joy. <: Try your hardest and remember that sometimes it's good to focus a bit more on the hypnosis. A nice induction goes a long way to utilizing the trance in a story.

Hello Participants, I would first like to welcome and thank you all for participating in The Zsisron story contest! Most of you may know I am Bluedude, call me blue. I've been an avid hypnosis enthusiast for a long while and ever though I do not practice hypnosis I read ad learn all I can about the practice as well as the theories that run behind it. Although my years in writing stories is short I have an appreciation ad understand of how hard it is to write a story and all the work thought and imagination that goes into it.

After last year's success I'm looking forward to another great year full or great imaginative stories. Again thanks for participating and good luck to all the writers this year~

Submitting Stories Guidelines

While you may post your stories on your page on any site It wont be accepted unless you send a copy of the story to my e-mail: zsisroncontestentries[at]gmail.com That way I can make sure I have a copy of your story. I will try to update the list of stories I have received once a week, but you can always send a shout, PM, or e-mail to confirm if I have indeed received your story.

-We ask that all emailed works be saved and sent in ether .doc, .docx, rich text or .pdf.

- We also ask that they be typed in Times New Roman font 12 size with single spacing. Please be sure to space and use paragraphs, do not submit giant walls of text!

- Treat it as if you're submitting a real story, with the title at the top and the author's name underneath with the story proceeding after. (Just in case so that we know who the story belongs to.)

- In your email specify if you want judges critique/opinion noted/sent to you.

-Please try to refrain from posting artwork of your story until after it is done.

-Remember the minimum word limit is 3k and the maximum word limit is 30k

Additional Information

-You are free to use one of your characters in your story but be aware I may not know anything about your character. It would be wise to expand on them a bit and not presume I'll go through all of your references to understand your character. (Takes a lot of time if there will be a lot of submissions! :/)

-Fanfiction is allowed if you feel more secure in that area, but one of the characters getting hypnotized still must fall under the set criteria of the species list.

-Please do not use any of my characters in a story (you can refer to them offhand, but having them as a subject or hypnotist is not allowed) This is to remove any favoritism. As well characters belonging to the other judges cannot be used as well in fairness.

-You are free to use whatever method of hypnosis or mind control that you wish for the contest, be it classical, ocular, magical, drug-induced, brainwashing, or any others that you might create yourself.

- If you think you need help or suggestion on the type of hypnosis to write about the hypnofurs group on FA has a few articles, guides and explanations about the types of hypnosis, types of hypnotists, types of subjects all listed throughout their journals. So check them out and maybe you will find something to help inspire you.

-You may do collaborations but the person who submitted the story entry will be referred to whenever prizes are issued (if the story places.)

-With TF I require the end transformation to be one of the species ON THE LIST.... But the original species can be one that isn't listed. So long as they end up transformed into one of the specified species the story is allowed (this only applies if the story will involve TF)

-Remember, one of the requirements is that one of the characters getting hypnotized has to be from the provided species list. I need to remind people since on occasion think the species list is talking about hypnotists. The species list is for WHAT SPECIES NEEDS TO BE HYPNOTIZED! The hypnotist can be ANY species.

-If, for some reason, your story is disqualified for not following the list we will contact you as soon as we can and provide you the reason why. After this you can redo your story and send it in. (By this I mean if you didn't follow the species list, went under or over the word limit, or used one of the not allowed fetishes)

-Please refrain from plagiarism. The judges are well verse in the vast majority of popular hypnosis scenes (Read: Jungle Book, Robin Hood, Thunder Cats). Any story that has scenes blatantly copied or adapted without any significant contribution or changes (I.e. almost word-for-word) by the author will be instantly disqualified. (This does not mean one can't have a serpent hypnotizing another person... but try to come up with your own inductions using spiral-y eyes!)

If you have any questions feel free to comment or message me on here. I hope you all enjoy and I'll look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. :)

Thanks for any interest. I appreciate it! If you have any questions... just ask in this journal! :D

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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
Does the story have to be written solely for this contest?  And can the hypnosis be subtle and/or not the main focus?
Because I'm currently in the middle of writing a story that involves hypnosis of a sort (more mind alteration, still counts right?) and I just thought I might as well join in this, though I doubt I'd win |3
6 years, 3 months ago
Tempting.  I will have to brush off my writing skills for this one.  Never tried hypnosis but hey, why not?
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