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Sorry for the lack of updates (i promised i know) but well..

I had to drop out of college..

After various research and talking to people, i came to the conclusion that AI is a scam. Its too good to be true. Its very sad and upsetting but they aren’t even a university they’re a “free profit trade school” which wouldn’t be a problem but they lie to their students about the job market.

so i decided it would be best to leave before i end up wasting any MORE of my time and money. i’ll still have to pay back the loans but luckily they didn’t accumulate to much. i want to warn all people considering going to the school. Don’t go unless you can fully afford it. if you have to take out a loan then dont bother going. because the school is a business and like all businesses they want your money and will say Anything to get students to enroll to take it.

I really hope it doesn’t escalate with me like it did with some of the other students who used to go to the school.

so i'll try to get back on pages as soon as possible, i want to thank the buyer for being SO patient (seriously thanks a lot )
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
Back in high school I was approached by recruiters from both Devry and ITT Tech.  Once I found out just how much either one of the schools would cost PLUS the fact that my father would have to cosign on the loans since he made far too much at that time for me to qualify for any kind of financial aid (besides the usual scholarships/grants), I backed off and later went to community college to learn trade skills.

Now, these numbers were from 2003.  Devry's four year degree would have set me back about $40 grand.  However.  ITT Tech ran about $400 a unit and most classes were four units, plus what I would have wanted to take was only a two year degree.  The total was somewhere around $30 grand.

In stark contrast, I doubt I paid much more than $2000 for 52 units worth of trade classes.  Tuition, books, supplies, parking pass, gas to and from class (Roughly 15 miles round trip which in my truck is not quite 1 gallon of gas twice a day 4 days a week for the first year, once a day for the second year)...
6 years, 6 months ago
I only took 1 quarter and my loans total to about 12000 dollars, units were 500 a month and my degree would have been 3-4 years. and to get to class i had to take a 3 hour bus ride there and back each day, the school only got me because they dangled "art" over me it almost looked like a dream but its too good to be true.
6 years, 6 months ago
There is no shame for dropping out of college.  You found out that you didn't like what you were doing so you got out before you started drowning in debt that, at this rate, you'd be stuck with paying from a minimum wage job or two.
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