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Rainbows and unicorns

Hello everybody and welcome to my first journal entry...
I usually don't do these things, because I never know what to put and then I start rambling... but I'll do my best not to bore you to death :D

First of all, I just came up with a rating system for my stories, because they will differ a lot in terms of contents and roughness and stuff like that.
Rating System by Neshin
The keywords to the colours are not... breathtakingly clear in what they mean, because I don't want people to pin me down on what I put there. The four categories are not strictly defined, but more a rough guidance. If you read a "blue" story, you won't find brutal rape. If you read a red story, you might find romance, but the focus will be set on... brutal rape. Or things like that...

Anyhow, there are some other things I want to address here:

1.) I'm moving right now, so until October 6th I will not be able to post a whole lot of stuff, because I'm really busy and stressed out. After that weekend, I'll be studying three subjects at uni, so I won't have that much time, but I'll do my best to write and draw whenever I find inspiration and motivation :)

2.) I'm open for requests :) Stories, pictures and ideas that inspire me are always welcome, be it a tiny idea or a full blown plot. Of course, if you want you can always donate me some money, I won't be mad at you if you did ;)

3.) I'm also open for art trades and art of my story. If my stories manage to inspire you, I'd be very happy if you draw characters or scenes, just please link them to me and link the original story in your description, please :)

4.) I'm also open for roleplays and collaborations :) I'd gladly use my Neshin (his age is not really set in stone, I'm happy to write stories that happen at different points in his life), but I can also write other characters. I just really like working with others, exchanging ideas, influencing and surprising each other :)
However, I don't do this with everyone. Please don't be mad at me, if I am too busy or your style of writing is just not what I'm searching for. I might... be a little picky, not because I claim to be the greatest writer in the world, but because I want to like what I read, if I'm supposed to work with it.

5.) I'm German. English is not my first language. If you happen to find mistakes in my stories or my journals or anywhere else, please tell me.

Aaaand... I think that's it for now :D
I wish you all lots of rainbows, cookies and unicorns, lots of love <3

 - Neshin
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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
*hands you a cookie* here you have one too ^-^
6 years, 10 months ago
Awww thank you :D I love cookies x3
6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
xD yay :D I know the original :D I really have too much time on my hands :D
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