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Darksiders II Thoughts (no spoilers except at the very end)

So, I just finished Darksiders II today, and I'll hopefully be starting up my let's play of it on the 13th. I must say, I like this one a lot more than the first one. Here's why.

First of all, I like playing as Death instead of War. Death goes shirtless half the time and gropes his chest every so often, so he kind of automatically wins in my book. Not to mention I like his voice acting and sarcastic nature a lot more—it's more fun that way for me. I also find the “man vs himself” type of conflict to make for much more interesting characters and stories than most other conflicts (if you couldn't tell by my own characters almost always having that conflict).

There are quite a few differences in gameplay that make these two games somewhat difficult to compare in that field, but I'll do my best. The main complaint I see people have about Darksiders II is the puzzles, and I find that to be retarded. Darksiders II an open-world RPG and the sequel to what is essentially a more adult ZELDA GAME. Obviously there are going to be some puzzles in it, a few of which you may find difficult! Believe it or not, though, I actually had LESS trouble with the puzzles in this game than I did the first one. Dead serious. I only looked at a walkthrough three times: Once for a puzzle where it turns out the very first thing I tried was correct but I just did it wrong and didn't realize it, once for a somewhat complex puzzle involving a rotating bridge, and once for a boss fight that I couldn't figure out. Amazingly, I didn't even have to look at a single walkthrough for any of the portal puzzles, which were technically much more complex than in the first game. My point is, the puzzles are not really all that hard. If you can solve the puzzles in a Zelda game (something which I still have yet to do), then you can solve the puzzles in Darksiders II.

The gameplay is also much more dynamic here than in the first game, and that is mainly so because of abilities Death has that War doesn't, such as splitting his soul in half, climbing/running on walls, time travel, and so on. I enjoyed the variety a lot more in this one.

Also, the fighting system has undergone some huge improvement to the point where I don't have to spend 7 and a half hours killing baby spiders or break every bone in War's body trying to find those damn abyssal armor pieces. Plus there's no Navi. Just sayin'.

The world(s) and settings are insane. You guys know how much I like dark/fantasy visuals, so you can imagine how long I would have Death just stand there and stare at the walls and/or sky every place he went to. Good graphics and artistic style don't make a game good by default, but when they're THIS good, they have to count for something. On that note, I liked the music in this one more, too.

The storyline of this game is much, much, MUCH better than the first. I'm not going to say the storyline of the first game was bad, but after watching the first Samael cutscene, you already basically know what you're going to do for the rest of the game: Kill the Chosen, and then kill the Destroyer. There is more to it than that (namely everyone being a liar), but still. In this game, that is not the case. Death is only given one major task at a time, and you as the player have little to no idea where he will go or what he will do after he finishes what he's currently doing at any given time. You don't ever even know how the game will end, due to Death's conflict.

Even more, this sequel has what more sequels should consider having: You don't really have to play the first game in order to understand this one. It helps, and it kind of adds to it in some small ways, but you don't need it. Everything you need to know is explained for you.

So, is there anything I don't like about this game? Actually, yes, there is. There is one thing I don't like about this game. There is one single thing at the very end of this game that pisses me off.

[spoiler alert]


I mean, yeah, I know there's an early sketch of it, but my Arceus, whoever decided to have him take his mask off in the last cutscene and then just NOT show his face needs to be punched.
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