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Why can't people leave me alone if they want to bring shit?

People are so stupid, why are people bringing their shit to me.... Fuck these people man. I am minding my own business and they want to harass me.....

So stupid. Here is the log of someone trying to start shit with me.... I took out their true user name.

[09:15]  Tefnut: hmm
[09:15]  Tefnut : you alive
[09:15]  Silverlonewolf Andel: Maybe
[09:15]  Tefnut: hmm
[09:15]  Tefnut : and your bother?
[09:16]  Silverlonewolf Andel: I am not. (what I though he or she meant was “are you bothered?”)
[09:16]  Silverlonewolf Andel: How may I help you?
[09:16]  Tefnut: hmm your lost your family
[09:16]  Tefnut: ?
[09:17]  Silverlonewolf Andel: What? (I was really lost)
[09:17]  Tefnut: hey you can stop drama i try talk with you
[09:17]  Silverlonewolf Andel: I think you have the wrong person.
[09:17]  Tefnut: no
[09:17]  Tefnut: dont have
[09:17]  Tefnut: alexandre you brothe is a blue bull  (Blue bull? The only blue bull I know is a kid name Dikota him and I use to be friends until about a year ago, we didn't see things eye to eye)
[09:17]  Tefnut: in old time her have a club
[09:18]  Tefnut: her banned my brother spirit from the club
[09:18]  Tefnut: and start a drama
[09:18]  Tefnut: i know you
[09:18]  Tefnut: i am sunfox
[09:18]  Tefnut: spirit sister
[09:18]  Tefnut: well
[09:18]  Tefnut: ex sister
[09:18]  Silverlonewolf Andel: Not interested, I'll pass....
[09:18]  Tefnut: my brother go out from sl again
[09:19]  Tefnut: because one girl
[09:19]  Tefnut: and now i dont have more family
[09:19]  Tefnut: you know you be very rude
[09:19]  Tefnut: i sad because i lost my family and you pissme off
[09:19]  Tefnut: hnf
[09:19]  Tefnut: ok bye
[09:20]  Silverlonewolf Andel: I am not rude, You don't greet yourself, no hello and assuming things.... You're the rude one here.
[09:20]  Tefnut: you atacking me only because spirit be my brother
[09:20]  Tefnut: yo be the rude ppl here
[09:20]  Silverlonewolf Andel: I don't even know you or your "brother."
[09:20]  Tefnut: i hate your brother
[09:21]  Silverlonewolf Andel: Are you on drugs?
[09:21]  Tefnut: but i talk with you
[09:21]  Tefnut: hnf
[09:21]  Tefnut: -.-
[09:21]  Tefnut: the unic bastard use drogs here is you dramatic boy
[09:21]  Silverlonewolf Andel: If the blue bull is Dakota then you definitely got the wrong guy... I have not tlaked to Dikota for a long time... almost a year.
[09:22]  Tefnut: muted
[09:22]  Silverlonewolf Andel: Him and I got into a heated argument and we thought it was best to part ways. What he did to you is between you and him.
[09:22]  Tefnut: dramatic
[09:22]  Silverlonewolf Andel: I have nothing to do with this.
[09:23]  Silverlonewolf Andel: OKay whatever.
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6 years, 8 months ago
6 years, 8 months ago
you got into a text argument with a caveman?
6 years, 8 months ago
Using the internet: so easy, a caveman can do it!
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