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So this is what a ban hammerblow feels like....

It pretty much started Thursday nights ago when I RSVP’d for an upcoming fur meet, held in November. I attended this meet once two years ago and had a great time, but had to miss the 2011 one due to college finals.  I was really looking forward to coming back this year and seeing my friends that I only get to see at cons. Friday, I get a text from a friend who was currently at MFM, saying that one of the people who go to this meet wanted to talk to me about some complaints about me that came up from other prospective attendees regarding my behavior at the 2010 meet. Fast forward to Friday night. I get an email to check my LJ for a message from the fur meet admins. I go to my inbox and this is what I see…

“Hello Convoy,
It is with regret I need to deliver this info. But due to an unusually high amount of complains that had recently surfaced concerning inappropriate and unwanted contact from you by several people in 2010, and a higher than expected amount of regular invitees wishing to cancel their reservations from your RSVP request, we need to 'temporarily' reject your request to attend this year. Hopefully you will be able to peacefully resolve the problems and I truly hope you will be able to come and enjoy this party again in 2013.”

While i do respect the duties of the staff to address issues its guests may have,  i do feel as if i haven’t been given a leg to stand on in this matter. For starters, I’m being affected by allegations regarding to something that supposedly happened two years ago. I don’t understand why these problems were not made apparent after that event.  Im basically being submitted to 2 year old butt hurt, which the admins decided to respond to by cutting one RSVP to save a whole bunch of others. I whole heartedly apologize for any actions on my behalf in 2010 that may have upset people, but i strongly believe that I should not be disciplined like this for something that happened so long ago. Ive wondered if this is due to possible haters just making things difficult for me, but then again I’m not that popufur yet. I’m pretty sure I just piss people off little by little by being myself.
I’m also at a disadvantage because not only can I not recall any evidence of these allegations, as i surely would not have committed any acts of ill repute in a public space, but i also don’t know who exactly has made these accusations, which makes me unable to resolve this matter on my own. I also feel a hint of betrayal in this. I knew almost everyone who attended the 2010 meet. Ive been to many meets and a couple of cons since then and have seen mostly the same people quite a few times over that time frame.  And not ONCE have I gotten any kind of complaints regarding that 2010 meet which leads me to believe two things. One: I thought I had more friends than I actually do, or Two: This goes beyond what happened at this event.

 Both are plausible because I will admit I do have a bit of a reputation of being overly outgoing with people, a problem that’s exacerbated when around fursuiters, who, according to the message from my friend seem to be the majority of the complainers. And of course theres my whole attraction to paws and fursuit footpaws which has gotten me into trouble more than once. Wouldn’t be surprised if this little snafu changes peoples minds of how they feel toward me.
I do love this event, and had probably more fun in those two days in 2010 that i usually do at a con. But if my presence is going to hurt attendance then I guess I don’t have a choice in this matter. Not only that, but If this is truly the result of complaints made as a result of my RSVP’ing then it certainly would not have mattered if i were to RSVP last year or in fact in 2013 now would it? If people won’t come because of me this year it will most likely happen again in the years to come.

I do wish, as this rejection is temporary, these guys can find it in their heart to reconsider this decision. I do wish to attend this event and do not want to miss it. But then again there are other events and cons I can go to, so this isn’t the end of the world for me.
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