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More changes to TNSC

We are pleased to announce that TNSC's brand new sitewide menu is fully completed.

We are also pleased to announce that except for pages that launch in new windows, such as in the TNSC Radio Subsite, all pages will be forced to include the sitewide menu, even those not hosted on the core servers.   (For instance, pages hosted on our scripting centers.)

The menu's are fully updated and now utilizse JavaScript's DHTML system structure to create drop down menus for all areas of the site, making navigation through many parts of TNSC, like the Gallery and Chat rooms, much easier.

For further ease of use, and better ability to find chat partners, we have also closed down the old TNSC Chat Center - and its 9 rooms - and replaced it with the new TNSC General and Adult Chat.  Therefore, there are now only 2 Chat "rooms" for users to enjoy.

We also closed down and archived the old TNSC Adult Gallery on Flickr.  The New TNSC Adult Gallery is now fully privatized as a part of TNSC Forums.  Making is so that users will only need a TNSC Forums Account to view and post to the Adult Gallery.  Image uploading has been allowed on TNSC Forums for this purpose and for the TNSC Chat Profiles.

We have also made some minor changes to TNSC's Homepage.

We moved the images for the Latest Art Contest Winner and the Featured General Gallery Submissions up under the intro paragraph, putting focus on the art and images on TNSC.  These images are now limited to one per category.  We will always show the latest Art Contest Winner on the front page.  However, the General Gallery Featured Submissions will be in a random rotation.

We moved the Art Contest information down under these images and onto its own page on TNSC.  Now you can easily access the TNSC Art Contest pages anywhere on TNSC.

We also added a monthly poll that will be changed at the first of each month with the topics, questions, and answers submitted by the users of The TNSC Community.  Now you can have your questions and curiousities answered by all the users of TNSC.

We will not do any monthly announcements of the polls, but we will store all the results so users can go back and see what the others have said on previous polls.

We hope these new changes will make things easier for new users, and bring more people not only to TNSC, but to Active Membership on TNSC.

Users can check out TNSC at www.tnsc.co.cc or www.tnsc.thrill.to


TNSC Art Contest - January 2011

The winner for last month is:
bunnies in queue - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/4389315/
by C5 - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/compfive/

Now for this Month:
Nominate Art for Theme: Lion King - Any art with characters from "The Lion King"
Vote on Art for Theme: Wolves
Nomination and Voting deadline: February 1, 2011

Nominate and Vote on your favorite art at www.tnsc.co.cc


We are still planning on the move to SC, and the purchase of a decent used car.

You can help us get that car by donating just a small amount.

You may donate at the following page:


If anyone wishes to send me gifts, my wishlist is here:
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