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September and Commissions closed

It's a new month, and lots of new things to do. It'll be a busy one. I've been hired for a big project, which will take up all of the new month, or most of it. It's going to be worth it though. My commissions are finally finished, since I haven't heard from my last commissioner in line if our deal was still up.

September is taken by my biggest project yet. It does involve Sally Acorn, and once again I know my awesome partner sallyhot will be there for me when I need help. Love that man!

Commission spots for October are open, so anyone interested please note me for your spot. As far as commissions are concerned I draw Sonic characters, my specialty is Sally Acorn and Blaze the Cat. I'm open to other things like Krystal or Gardevoir, Pokemon in general and Digimon too. So if you have questions, feel free to ask.

Lastly, if anyone has any questions in general for me, I'd love to answer them. Or for/about sallyhot, he'd drop by and answer too.

I'm not picky with what you may ask for. The only thing's I won't do without a doubt is gore or cross-gender. Sorry but seeing Sally with a male reproductive organ isn't something I would ever do.

Will draw:
Sex, any position(If I can draw it :P), any fetish(mostly, so you know, chains and kinky stuff is okay), pregnant is okay too(It's kinda weird for me but I'm open to it), lesbian, etc.

Will NOT draw: Cross gender, gore, poo, vomit, vulgar things pretty much.
Any questions, please note me!

Payment will be paypal(In one case I received a greendot code so that is acceptable too if you don't have a paypal).

Any revisions are free within reason. If it's such a major change that I have to start over, or something like that, then there will be a small fee added. I'll let you know though if that's the case or to negotiate.

Here's the pricelist in detail:

-Sally/Character $5
-Extra Character $5
-Character I've never drawn $5 (may seem unfair but I had to do a lot of research and practice)
-Naughty drawing $5
-Inked $5
-Colored and Inked $15
-Background $10 (Backgrounds take a lot of work and time from sallyhot, same with colors and ink)

Example of full package

-Full Color and Background Naughty art with two characters $40

Note that the color and background if you choose to include that may be done by sallyhot. Least until I can do them myself.

If you want to make an offer, I'm open to that too.

Terms: I am very open to requests(As in commissions), but the only things I ask in return is to never gain profit from my work without my permission, and to never remove SaL signature in the art(Or sallyhot's if he collaborated), since I'm very proud of what I create and would appreciate it if you respect that. Also do not ever claim credit for my work(except for paying for it, commissioning it), that would be mean, and I'd like more people to come to me for commissions, so knowing it was me is very important. Any questions before you ask for a commission or just curiosity, send me a note and I'll get back to you within a day. Thank you!

I am very open to communication with the commissioner, if they want to see the progress I am willing to email it to them with a watermark. So don't be afraid to be open with me as well.
:) Can't wait to do business with you! <3 SaL


September's and October: Full(A 5 page project involving Sally Acorn)
3 commissions for after.
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
You should put some other stuff here.

Like how many revisions you would be willing to do without charge.

How you work with customers and what they can expect, like do you make sketches beforehand and show the work before you go and ink etc

It saves drama.
6 years, 6 months ago
I see, thank you for the information. One can never give too much now can one? xD Oh and what's a revision exactly? And why would I do it with or without charge?
6 years, 6 months ago
Come to think about it, you could also state how you want to be paid. upfront, half now half later, paypal etc

Say you do a sketch and someone says, Hmm I don't really like it could you change "this" and "that" before you ink it.

That's a revision.

The reason I mention it is I have heard story's of people who commission and ask for like 30 changes for free. Asking for things outside the artists style and other odd stuff.

I hear lots of horror story's about unreasonable people, so if you clear stuff like this up first then if someone act's a jerk you can say look these are my rules.
6 years, 6 months ago
I see. Thank you so much for letting me know. I am still so new to this so you've really helped me out, thanks! <3
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