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Quick update - and if there are any Linux-fans out there...

Hello everyone! Just a quick journal to tell you what's up.

Before I do that though, I need to ask a favor of any Linux users in the crowd.

For something I need to do in my new course, I need to acquire a Linux OS that meets certain criteria. I would appreciate it very much if you could tell me the name of (and/or how to acquire) a Linux OS that:

1. Is under 400MB, fully installed.
2. Capable of running with less than 128MB RAM.
3. Is not a LiveCD/USB or anything like that. Must be a bog-standard, install-me-to-your-hard-drive thing

I've actually got a repository of about ten distinct operating systems here, but most of them have been live media, claiming to be "frugally" installable - but actually, they just shit themselves and die when I try to do a frugal install to a virtual machine.
As in, they can't see a hard-drive to partition and install to. When every other OS under the sun (ie, all the ones I have that don't match the criteria) can, do, and work totally fine. Because the HDD is right there. I can see it.


Moving on.

Currently finishing up the supplemental materials to Tai's Story, as well as an accompanying short story (gasp!). The supplemental materials... is pretty much just going to be a character bio compilation. I'll see what other things I can scrounge up to throw in there, but as it is it's probably gonna be just those and the short story.

I think I'll abandon the idea of mentioning a "hypothetical soundtrack" - an idea I got from one of Alex Reynard's stories back when I was much younger - partly because of possible legal issues, partly because it's just silly. So that won't be in there. In fact, that was the only reason I didn't get this done sooner.
If I can, I'll find some of the brainstorming material I actually scribbled down with pen and paper.

As I said before, I've actually gotten busier of late instead of had things quiet down. I'm definitely still around, but just quieting down for a bit.
I'd even go so far as to say I've kinda gotten over "blogging" and writing journals and the like - a bad habit of mine since I was sixteen. Just other things are taking up my time at the moment.
Don't worry, it won't be permanent and I sure as hell am not quitting writing or anything. Just being quiet on the journal front.

I have to again touch on the problem I have with chat programs now.
Folks, please don't assume just because I'm online that I'm available for in-depth, on-demand conversation that requires all my attention. I'm often signed in by accident, or to have casual chats with close friends while still working, checking in every 20-30 minutes to reply. Because I have work, classes, a social life and other obligations.

Basically, not to be a bitch or anything, but it's unreasonable to demand my unwavering attention unless I'm sitting at a computer for the express purpose of chatting with people. Ultimately, you cannot and should not be expecting to drag someone- anyone- into an in-depth conversation during the week, and sometimes weekends are no good too.
Again, not to be a bitch, but if you're unemployed, don't go to any form of class, and/or don't have much of a social life, it's easy to think that everyone has a schedule like yours; almost nobody does. If you're up at 3am because time means sod all to you and expect me to drop everything and discuss the latest evacuations of Mitt Romney's giant, gaping asshole with you, then you're being unreasonable whether you're on my side of the planet or the other.

This also goes for bitching when I don't respond within five minutes of you saying something. I used to be, but now I am never just sitting at a computer waiting to play IM tennis with people. No shit, that's something you grow out of, like eating your own snot or believing in Santa Claus. So don't log in, hit me with a flurry of "hey! hey!!!! you there! Kichi?! :( :( :( " then log off within five minutes; Jesus, I was probably in the bathroom!

Seriously though, I do want to talk to you all, it's just upsetting to see someone get shitty at me for not immediately replying (at 11am on a weekday) then logging off three minutes (or seconds) before I can reply. Or obviously getting grumpy because I had to say to them three days in a row (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...) that I was too busy to have a good chat or had to hit the hay.
Please do talk to me. Just please don't get shitty when I can't devote all my attention to you. It makes me a sad panda. Uh, kitsune.

On that note, I'm not long for this wakeful world, so let's wrap this up!

I'll be trying to finish the new short story ASAP and get what I can uploaded.
What's the short story about? Let's just say Jake is one (un)lucky son-of-a-bitch...

Getting back to my roots, I guess. Bwaha!
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
As far as the Linux install goes, I used to run (and was very pleased with) Linux Mint on my netbook. It's been a while, but as I recall it was just a lighter-weight version of Ubuntu. Ran darn well on my desktop, too, but I've since gone to nothing but Win7 after getting a SSD.

Edit - Or it calls for 6gig o_o Nevermind, I don't remember it taking that much. Oh well...
6 years, 7 months ago
Yeah, I checked out Mint and Peppermint and many of the big names. There's bound to be a ton of really good, ultra-lightweight Linux OS that fit the bill for what I need - problem is, I can't find any before tomorrow, which is when I need it. :c
6 years, 7 months ago
The only other one that comes to mind if Lubuntu, which I opted not to use on my netbook only because I didn't need to be /that/ lightweight. It'll run on hardware I remember using back in 1998, so I'd assume it'll fit on a HDD of that size.
6 years, 7 months ago
Alpine Linux fits the bill.
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