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More news!

Plenty to talk about, so here I go.

-Our apartment situation is looking better all the time. Going to take our background check sheets in sometime this week so we'll see. Right now, we're waiting a bit, but really hoping for the luck that we'll be talked to about it and maybe given the chance to move in.

- Alfie was awesome to me and bought me a new graphics card today (in celebration of my raise is how we're excusing it). My old one was knocking against its fan housing loudly whenever it'd spin up due to dust buildup that I couldn't remove. So we invested and bought a big sumbitch, a GeForce GTS 560 Ti. This thing is enormous. We barely shoved it into the tower shell and even then, in the process ended up knocking out the power cable to one of my drives. Still, it handles well and now, all I really need is the upgraded processor to comprehend all the MASSIVE amounts of graphiiiics it can produce.

And some memory.

And maybe a new main drive...sheesh...

Even so, I bought myself a Razer Deathadder mouse as well since the other one I had was dying a horrible death. None too pleasant a choice, but this thing's comfy and groovy blue to look at. :3

- Finished up my D&D campaign that I ran on Saturday. Everyone enjoyed my final boss that I cooked up with our friend Lance's help. Added in a mechanic to add another action to everyone's turn so that they could use a battle-specific/story specific ability. Turned out righteous!

Also purchased Punch-Out!! for the Wii that day. GodDAMN that game is brutally tough the higher you go. It pulls no punches (pun not intended) and the fight against the final boss, Mr. Sandman, is decidedly something I don't want to do again anytime soon. A cheap mothereffer, he moves fast, teases his Dreamland Express, and beats the holy bejeezus out of you when you don't see it coming. Still fun, though.

- Guild Wars 2!

I'm playing it, slowly but surely, I swear. I'll find the time at some point...

-Our lives have been going well recently. I hope that this trend continues well on into the future. We've needed some good luck for a change and it's starting to show benefits. We'll have to keep working, yes, but that's kind of the point of living.


You have to. Rolling over and giving up means nothing and proves nothing. It shows no growth and shows no heart. If you can't push past something, find your way around it. Try.

Don't give in. I speak from literally *years* of experience on this. Your life may suck right now, but it WILL get better if you only keep your head up and keep in the game. Lean on your family, hold your friends close.

Keep trying.

It only gets better that way.

-As a way to prove that, I'm a bit sick of people who DO give up, roll over, and start complaining about how rough they have it.

Let's get something straight. I am in no position to preach, but I AM in a position to offer advice: your problems aren't NEARLY as world-shattering as they may appear. There is nearly always a way to make it work and if not...well...

...it may suck, but you might just have to live with it. So long as you understand if your actions caused it or not. But instead of bitching or whining or blaming others, take what it is that's happened and actively LEARN from it. Burn it into your head. Make it worth remembering...that way, you'll be ready next time. You'll be equipped for success rather than failure.

I know that's hard the younger you are, but trust me when I tell you that it's never too early to start getting ahead on learning from your mistakes. I've made many and thankfully, some of them have led me to this point in my life, where I live with a wonder of humanity. But take the ones that hurt and FORCE the silver lining out of them. FORCE yourself to look on the bright side. MAKE it work.

You have to.

Because at the end of the day, with all the bitching and grousing and moaning you may expunge all over everyone else, no one else can live your life for you. So get off your ass and get to it.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you may be facing, know this:

I believe in you.


I believe you can be better. I believe you can make something of yourself. I believe in the inherent underlying value of humanity...and I believe you will find your way. It may not be immediate, but you will.

Just have patience and fortitude. And maybe a friend to share the pain and triumph with. Possibly even a lover or (as the case dictates) unf-buddy to get your frustrations out with. Whatever works, so long as you aren't hurting anyone.

But however you deal with it, deal with it.

I know you can.

Because I can. And I'm no stronger than you are. I promise you that.

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