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Writing is slooooooooooow...  And contest news.

Okay, I know everyone must think I'm dead, but I'm still here and around.  The problem is, I'm not doing a lot of writing because my RL is REAL busy and I'm VERY tired.   It doesn't help that DC Universe Online is addicting...  And I'm just lazy.

I'm working very hard on DigiDefenders 2, and I have good news for all of you.  I am working on a second chapter that will be released concurrently with DigiDefenders 2.  It will be a "side story" that should shed a little light on the characters and who they are.  I'm very happy with how they are turning out and I hope you will enjoy them.

Now... The problem is Days of Knothole.  To be honest, I have lost interest in the series.  It was meant to be a break from the epic action of some of my previous works, and some romantic fluff.  The problem is... I'm tired of the fluff and want the epic action.  However, I have committed myself to this series, because there are some important plot points that I have to show for any of my later ideas to make sense.  I just have to get the motivation to sit down and type away.

I'm still trying to resurrect Hexes and Heroes.  More on that in a later journal.

Other than that, I'm working on a more traditional swords and sorcery tale, but the thing is... The idea is PG-13.  There may be some X-rated side chapters, but in general, it'd be straightforward fantasy and not a perverted sexfest.  I dunno how many people are interested in that, but this idea has been nagging me for a while and I can't let it go.

Now, onto contest news.  I have had two people submit entries to my Sonic Hypnosis contest, and a third is on the way.  Remember, the winner gets a story commission from me!   You have 38 days to submit something to the contest.  If you're interested, the rules can be found here: https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=4130 .

I don't have much other to say than that.  Rock on, folks!
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