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Sorry About the Absence

You may or many not have noticed that it has been a while since I have released anything, well I kind of inadvertently took a longer break than I thought from my art work due to the death of one of my cats, I just have not been in the drawing, writing or even creative mood.

The plan was that I take a one week break from art and my comics for a week after Animethon, but on the first Monday after that week one of my cats died. It happened really fast, he was only sick for the day before, so we're kind of thinking he ate something poisonous  when he snuck outside the night before.

Stress and Depression really make both my auto immune disorders act up and attack my system, so I have been in constant pain, getting muscle spasms, chest pain, loss of breath, dizziness and black outs / passing out all week, with there not looking like there is any end in sight. The fact that my mom is getting really angry and yelling at me easily does not help with the stress, but I understand her being unusually angry right now, as she's upset about her cat dying too, so I don't hold anything against her.

So instead of working on comics and chapters as planned all this week I've been working on setting my online store up, I find that when I don't work on anything I feel useless and my depression gets worse and I get sicker, but I couldn't work on anything that required creativity like writing or drawing as it just was not there at the moment, because of that though the online store is finally up now but it's not finished yet, as there are a few more products to add (basically just more notebooks, which I doubt will sell much online as the shipping is horrendous for them because of the weight), a few pictures to add for a few existing products and a whole but of item descriptions that need to be put in, but I did manage to get a lot done and though I know I should feel accomplished, I still feel like I'm useless and unable to do anything, I know that is just the depression talking though as my actions clearly prove otherwise, I'm just obviously not thinking right at the moment.

For those interested the online store can be found here.

Right now it's filled with a lot of leftover prints that I make to sell at conventions that I have made over the years, but never had ways of getting rid of aside from the few (mostly small, and two that THINK they are big when they're really not all that huge) conventions that I sell at once a year in and around my city. I'm hoping to get rid of most of that because it really takes up a lot of room on my table and takes away from my new stuff, and a lot of time, work and money goes into making them so I don't like throwing out or shredding my leftovers, so I keep 'em to sell again next year, which was fine at first but is really adding up after the many years I have been selling my artwork. So here's hoping that I can find homes for some of it via the online store.

As for when I will be able to work on my art and writing again, I honestly do not know. I tried a little bit of writing last night but didn't seem to go very far, but I WAS able to work on a bit so I'm hoping that's a good sign. Thank you everyone for following my series up to this point be it one of my novel series or comics, I hope I will not keep you waiting for much longer and can start working on things again.
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
No worries theres no rush concentrate on getting better before anything =P people can wait a little longer i think  no harm no foul
real life comes before pleasing the followers  good luck on getting better.
6 years, 9 months ago
So sorry to hear about your cat. Don't you worry about us, you just take your time with things, you've got a lot going on.
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