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Updates, and a game of Pounce


SLOT3:@HimaChita playground scene 2 of 2

WILL DRAW FOR FOOD!!!! Umm... wait food tends to spoil in the mail... better just accept cash and other monetary compensation


Updates: My last commission in the que has been sketched. In other news, I cannot spell the word que.

Book: No progress made this week

Pounce: No takers for the game yet, but a few murmurs of interest. I'll be reposting the rules here and perhaps elsewhere as well.


It's a game of TAG..... sort of. It's an idea I had a while back, but never went with. The game is called pounce. It's basically tag except if you're it... you get to dominate one of the other players.

So what's going to happen is you pay me for the cost of on digital flat color work ($10) and recieve at least two commissions for your dollar (likely even more if the game goes how I hope) For your money you are put into the pool. Once you are it you select your target from the pool. After that that target is it and gets to choose the  next target. Simple enough.

1. first and foremost, respect the sexual orientation of the other players
2. no tag backs: The person who has just tagged you is not fair game. Should you become it later  though. feel free.
3. Don't make the same pairing twice: ex: If Jimmy pounces Jane, then jimmy cannot pounce Jane again. Jane can pounce Jimmy though
4. Tags must be submitted to me through PM when it's your turn, half the fun is the surprise when its your turn to be played with (If I'm not informed within 3 days without reason I'll pick a target for you)
5. If you wish to add more than one character to the game you pay for each of them.
6. No adults, I figured this was a given but yeah cubs only XP

I'm starting the pool with some of my own characters. And here's what you need to add yours. $10 payable through paypal A picture reference of your character, your character's sexual preferences (do you like boys girls herms, all of the above?)

Then game ends on two conditions, condition one, everyone has at least one turn (I don't see this being an issue) and condition two: When I'm tired of doing them... that'll probably take a while. There's no limit on the slots available, enjoy.

POUNCE Pool (as of now):
(F,H) Infinite
(FMH) Desire' :https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=103819
(FMH) Daniella: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=208330
(FMH) Erin: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=103933
(FMH) Wanda https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=103933

Lastly, if I dont get enough takers to make this game work, everyone involved will get 2 digital flat comissions.
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