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So, yet again, here I find myself explaining why I've been. . . inactive. :'U *shot*

Uhm, yeah |D I've been up north for the past week or so. :U (a place called Heber, Overgaard; I just call it up north 'cause I know that barely anyone has heard of it and I'm too lazy to explain. ^^;)

ANYway, had some good times up there with family 'n such. C': We did a lot of fun stuff~ ^0^ I also got to "relive" childhood memories with 'dat N64 they have up there ;u; Um. . . I got my arse kicked terribadly with several bike rides I took up there, too >.< *is a lazy butt and out of shape :'U* But then again, the high elevation up there . . . yeah >_> XD

Now that I think of it, I should've taken some pictures. . . ;-; Because there was this huge forest not far from the house, and even though I knew about it since the first time I came up here . . . So, me: "Forest? Forest. . . .? SLENDY, WHERE ARE YOU :'D" X'D Yeah, one day I took my sister with me and just ran, screaming for -- I mean, walked around, looking for Slendy C:< My sister had no idea who Slenderman was, so before we left I had to show her a bunch of stuff, and after I was done she didn't wanna go >XD But yeah. . . We didn't see Slendy, sadly~ ;o; I wanted to bring a bunch of paper, write stuff on them and post them all around the trees just to scare anyone else, but I didn't X"D Ah, good times, good times~~ ;v;

So that's where I've been for the past week. XD Just explainin' n' stuff :>

Holy crap, long journal is long. X"D I don't think I've actually written a journal this long in a while :'U *bricked*

Anyway, enjoy your guys' day/night!~ <3 :'D
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
Aww, I would do the same, scream "Slenderman, where is youz!?" XD

Hope you're having fun. ^^
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