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Goodbye Firefox - Rant

It finally happened. Firefox 14 has been removed completely from the system as it's broke and they wont fix it. I'm tired of the damn problems with it such as the current issue, it wont display thumbs/previews on Furaffinity and several other sites. That's right, you can't see image previews anymore on furaffinity so I've pulled from the system.

Before I pulled it, I did check whether the problem was Firefox or the websites by using IE 9 and when the pages loaded with all the thumbs, I tested further using Opera after downloading it. Well it worked to show the previews so it was time to finally pull the plug on firefox. Yes it's been on lifesupport with me since they started jumping the damn version number monthly because they broke my add-ons such as noscript and down them all. The only ones I used because they filled my needs. Since this latest debacle, I've  given up trying to work around the many damn problems that Firefox has been introducing every time they supposedly update the damn thing. No they're not updating things, they just fixing one problem and creating three others in their place and I'm fucking tired of it.

Sure IE Used to insecure and a problem but I'm taking full advantage of the 64bit versions increased security (much better then the 32bit version) along with having things configured with paranoid security settings to reduce the many problems. The last step was to disable flash everywhere except for the few sites that I actually use it on such as You-Tube and Yahoo Games. That's right, you can do that but you have to do it from the administrator account if you're set up as a normal user. Simply rt click on the addon listing for flash/shockwave and select properties. Annoying and I wish there was a better way to do it but at least it's doable now unlike before. Now if someone could create a working NoScript for IE, I'd be an estatic turtle since it's the one feature of Firefox I miss.
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
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