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so aparently.... Falklands Day!

Aparently Friday the 17th was over 150 years since John Davis discovered the Falkland Islands in his ship The Desire.

huh.... why was that not in my calander? XD
I'd have gone out to the pub otherwise!

Interesting facts for the interested:
~ the Falklands Motto (displayed on the crest) is derived from Johns ship, reading "Desire The Right".
~ There were spanish settelers in the Islands around the time the Desire appeared, they left shortly after due to supply shortages and such.
~ The original capital of the Falklands was called Port Louis, from the French, who arrived before the Spanish, and the remenents of Port Louis ae still here to this day.
~Stanley (the modern capital) was described by the first governer as "A windy, damp Cess-Pit" of sorts. It turns out after a few ships sank trying to get to Port Louis he changed his mind rather quickly, praising it for its ease of access.

for those interested in the political side of things:
~ Argentina didn't exist when John Davis settled on the Falklands and made them brittish.
~ They've actually attempted invasions before, twice during the 1800's, the first failed de to mutiny, the second was won at sea.
~ Argentine Poleticians signed a treaty basically to say they didn't care that Britain owned the Falklands, but around the 1930's they revoked it and started the whole Sovreignty claim that the Government still holds today.
~ In complete contrary to all claims, there has never been an Argentine settlement on the Falkland Islands, and there is no major Argentine population here either. At most about 2-3 but never any more than about a dozen or so during memorial visits.

now that i've finished trying to fry your brains with my ... erm... history...

but seriously, if i'd know about this sooner I sOOO would've done a pic for it! XD

for now..
Peace out! B3
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