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Hello to all

Im Ziggy. Hope to meet some new furry friends here, and keep in touch with old ones!

Im 28, live in the UK, and run a rat sanctuary for unwanted/abused rats. I also run a rat advice line.

I love SAW movies, horror in general, animals, black and green, Haribo/natural confectionary company sweets, sushi, weed, and music.
Im an animal welfare advocate, but not so into animal rights, and have never met an animal rights campaigner I didn't have an issue with.

As for art, Im a furry only in the original meaning of the word; I like silly cartoon animals.
I do not do porn, or have much of an interest in it. Anthro animals don't really do much for me with regards to what I find sexy. I don't have an issue with others drawing porn, and I do appreciate some of it for the artistry involved, but I kinda dislike how furry has become permanently linked to porn now.
Im one of those rare furs who just like drawing cartoon animals, so don't expect anything dirty from me.
I might draw tasteful nude/pin up, or very occasionally jokey sexual stuff as a joke between me and friends, but thats about as far as it goes.

All my art is mouse drawn, no tablet here. Im friendly, will be decent to everyone who is decent to me.
However, I despise abuse of rats in any and all ways. Live feeding, poisoning, trapping, its all totally unacceptable, to me. If you wouldn't do it to a puppy, why do it to a rat? If you do engage in any of that, I'd appreciate it if we didn't interact. To me, abusing rats is like abusing children, as my rats are my kids. So Im sure its understandable that I wouldn't want to interact with those who consider it acceptable.
There is always an alternative to abusing rats.

Other than that, I smoke, I swear, Im easy going, and the only thing that would ever offend me is abuse of, or ignorance about, rats. Other than that, Im pretty bomb-proof so let the critique or comments fly!
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