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Yes, it's that time again, ladies and gentlemen...  It's time for another Sonic Hypnosis Contest!!!

The theme this time: Princess Sally and Bunnie Rabbot!  Your story or picture MUST include these two characters and hypnosis of one kind or another.  One of the best episodes of Sonic SatAM involved Princess Sally and Bunnie Rabbot getting hypnotized into mindless servants to Robotnik.  In honor of that, I decided to make them the subjects of this contest!

Without further ado, here's the rules:

1. The winner will get their personal fancharacter a GUARANTEED spot in a story of THEIR choice. The winner will be able to designate any one of my current stories in progress, and tell me where they want a cameo. I will go out of my way to write them into the story, not just a throwaway background appearance, but as a major character in a story scene... and it can be ANY story, not just Sonic, but Pokemon Battle Kingdom, Digimon Defenders, whatever!

IN ADDITION!!! THE WINNER WILL GET 40 DOLLARS TO SPEND ON A COMMISSION FROM AN ARTIST OF THEIR CHOICE!!!  I will either pay for a commission UP to 40 dollars in value or I will pay PART of a commission worth more than that!

2. The contest begins as soon as this journal is posted, and ends on November 31st.

3. You may create a picture, a comic, a flash animation, or a story. Basically ALL submissions are acceptable except for music.

4. All submissions MUST contain both hypnosis and sex. The more interesting the hypnosis and the more explicit the sex scene, the better. And remember, I have a cum fetish, so buckets of cum are a MAJOR plus. The hypnosis and the sex do NOT have to be part of the same sequence, but all submissions MUST contain both.

5.  For this contest, all submissions must have BOTH Princess Sally AND Bunnie Rabbot in them. HOWEVER, only ONE of them needs to be the victim of the hypnosis/sex.  The other may be either an important character or the perpetrator of the hypnosis!  For example, a story can have both Bunnie and Sally being hypnotized...  Or a story can have Bunnie being enslaved, and Sally going to rescue her... OR having Sally enslave Bunnie!

6. All pairings are acceptable. M/F, M/M, F/F, Herm/Futa/Shemale, or any combination!
 ALSO, FUTANARI/HERMS ARE NOT MANDATORY!  I have a huge fetish for 'em and I'll thank you big time for producing that type of material, but I won't judge you any higher for using them in your submissions!

7. No fan characters or OCs, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF VILLAINS!!! I'm tired of seeing random badly designed characters having their way with Sonic characters. It bores the heck out of me. Acceptable characters MUST be from Sonic CANON. This means the GAMES, the TV Shows (NOT SONIC UNDERGROUND...), and the Comic!!! The VILLAIN, however, can be an OC!

8. Bigger is better! Remember, my stories are EPIC! Rouge's Discovery ended with a 1000-person hypno-orgy!!! So the longer or bigger your submission is, the more impressed I'll be. A pic of Amy holding a pendant before Cream's eyes is going to be less likely to win than a pic of Amy on a platform, hypnotizing every male in Knothole Village.

9. All submissions MUST link to this journal... and you MUST place a link to your submission in the comments! Also, SPREAD THE WORD!!! I want this contest to be huge! Post journals linking here, tell other artists and writers about it, do whatever, but GET PEOPLE INVOLVED!!!!

10. Multiple Submissions are acceptable!!! Feel free to draw or write as many submissions as you want... I'll only pick ONE submission to win, though. But the more submissions, the better your chances!

11. FOR WRITING, PROPER SPELLING AND GRAMMAR IS NECESSARY!!! I'm sorry, but I WILL be judging based on grammar and spelling. I'm not going to be an English Nazi, but if English is not your first language and your writing is completely indecipherable, I will penalize it! This is about the BEST PRODUCT, and if you write poorly, then I cannot help but judge your product inferior. If you do not write or speak English as a first language, please find an editor who DOES, and who will help correct your writings!

With that, I don't have much else to say!  I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!!!  ROCK ON, GUYS AND GALS! ^__^~~<333
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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
Hmmm... I can't say that I've ever tried drawing Sally or Bunnie...
*grabs the thrown gauntlet in his teeth and scampers off to hide it in his kennel-'o-scheming*
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