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Kitty Rambling Rant: Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Even though I'm no longer apart of the FFFF tournament, I'm still watching to see what unfolds and who will be top fursuiter this year.  So while I'm looking through my friends list I just so happen to find one of the runners infuriated for being called out as something he's not.

Normally this would be your everyday drama rant n' stuff and I'll just let it pass by.  Unfortunately for this runner, I've been watching for years in hope to one day get to talk to more than just a "Hello" passerby standpoint.  Now as I recall, it was either year 2 or year 3 that someone foolishly posted a similar slander on the LJ group itself.  So what better way than to post the same nonsense someplace else right.  Probably on FA for all I know.  That's like freakin' drama central there.

You know, I was going to ask an interesting question about tolerance in the fandoms throughout the world.  The main reason behind that sparked during the whole "I hate ponies" motif that I've constantly seen in this fandom alone.  The furry fandom was suppose to be open to those who are interested or curious on who we all as a whole and to help those in need.  As we try our best to make a better name for ourselves over the whole "Furries are sex deprived maniacs." nonsense, I feel as if all of that mission absolutely failed.  Take this time to think about this.  I mean really think about it.

There are furs that hate popufurs (I'm sorry, popular furs).  Furs that hate furry cubs/babyfurs.  Furs that hate My Little Pony and those that like the show.  Followed by the drama-filled rumors and slander that befalls them.  And we're suppose to be the openly friendly ones?  With adding on what happened to one of the runners at the FFFF tournament and the NJ barbecue scandal, it makes "Save Fernandos" seem utterly pointless.  That was an ultimate message saying that we, the furry fandom, actually gives a damn to those that are in need.  Not only to individuals that were cast out for being who they are. Not only to animal caretaking organizations that is not PETA, but to businesses that cater to us with open arms.

But no, let all announce our hate to each other by calling them out publicly as cubby loving, diaper wearing, murrsuiting brony freaks and destroy a well known yearly fundraising barbecue which, by the way, ruined yet another furry's great name.  mmmm.....I think the Bronies won that tolerance battle by a landslide.

At times like these, I'm happy that I've been knocked down from the popular scene and banned from FA because of jealousy within a group years ago so that I don't have to be a part of this nonsense today.  Do I still consider myself a furry after all of this?  Yes.  Will I still have that meaningful conversation with the runner? Damn right I will.  But I only worry about where we, as a fandom, go about from here.

*Still a furry to the end*

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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
It's human for some people to dislike some other people. And the more they are passionate about the topics, the more heated will be the arguments. This is perfectly normal, and when in a healthy state, it's a mechanism where the different opinions clash and morph and evolve into more unified, stronger, and more reasonable.
The thing that really matters is, if the people hating each other can still live peacefully with each other, tolerating the things which they hate, and "attack" each others opinion in a civilized manner, and even rally against a common threat once such threat appears.

A community is weak when it has two large camps of which each has a very strong opposing position, such a situation is the best ground for a war.
A community stays strong when there is a lot of smaller conflicts between individuals which are all allowed to flow and solve itself individually ,and many smaller groups of interests which both clash and intersect with each other. This way no conflict is able to grow to a dangerous level and people are forced to cooperate as a larger group.

The question is, are furries unified enough to rally against a larger threat, or is the community so weak that the people would instead disperse in the face of a threat, and forget that they ever belonged to a community/culture.
6 years, 6 months ago
That's probably the question I'm fearing at these times.  Granted if the slanders, rumors, and hatred came first, then the "Save Fernandos" drive afterwards, things would start to get better for the fandom once again.  But I doubt if there's anything else that the entire fandom would come together and care about.

Preventing an upcoming death of a major furcon?  Maybe.  But i'm not holding my breath on that.
6 years, 6 months ago
Essentially the things which a whole group would unite against, are things which are a threat to the group as a whole, but only if the group's integrity and the sense of group identity is strong enough.

Do furries share a strong sense of a group/culture identity?
As a whole fandom? I dunno, probably not.
Do they have some sort of specific ideology that they share? Not sure.
There are some elements like, a feeling of alienation from the outsiders, perhaps closeness to nature, and for the most part being very sexually open, which could be seen as a part of the identity of the whole fandom.
6 years, 6 months ago
Those are the main key elements that has made what the fandom was years ago and possibly even today.  But after those elements are factored in, it's all in the air.  That's where the differences start to branch off.  Perhaps they will realize concept one day and know weather they like it or not, it will always be a part of their fandom. Our fandom.
6 years, 6 months ago
I say the hypocrisy is what makes it the worst to me. I made a video regarding that BBQ incident calling out someone who had posted on Facebook about how the fandom is going down hill because of incidents like this along with zoos, and murrsuiters being tolerated. And of course after my mate did some talking with him and some other conversations I had with this individual, turns out to be a big hypocrite, having a suit of his own and into the things he claims to despise, not just despised but outing people leading them to be harassed, nearly costing some their jobs. That is the worst of it all. People like them who try to cater to the majority of normal people simply because they refuse to understand things like homosexuality or are ewwed by fursuiters in general because some of them might have sex in them.

This individual was not of course alone in such types of attitudes to hide their true selves from public question and possible ridicule.
6 years, 6 months ago
I think it's because most of them are afraid that they are going to have their lives ruined if it goes viral.  But that's public heresy.  Not to mention news heresy.  It's not like they haven't done this nonsense before.  Unless they work at a multi-million dollar business company and one of the founders/workers behind the desk.  Or even a professional mascot to said business company, then they should have nothing to worry about IMO.
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