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The Dark Knight Rises

I saw the Dark Knight Rises last Monday at the Texas Theater which is the only thing withing walking distance where I can watch movies, this city sucks ass at having something like it anywhere near nowadays, opting to have thaters on highways so tourists can "notice it" better.  

Anyway, Christopher Nolan is a genius.  This is how a comic book based movie should be done.  This is how the first Spider-Man trilogy should've ended.  In fact, Nolan's Batman is as close as to what I felt about Tim Burton's version than any other movie anyone else has ever done about the vigilante.  Bale this time didn't had to open his mouth all the way to shout at the bad guys, which was an improvement if I say so myself.  The guy playing Bane was very convincing, very cunning, very strong, very intelectual.  He was the perfect movie terrorist ever to be shown by far.

This version of Catwoman wasn't Michelle Pfeiffer sexy by much but it wasn't horrible Haley Berrie either.  Her costume gave me flashbacks of the actress who played the character in Adam West's version until I saw what her "cat ears" actually were.  Damn, that is very clever Nolan, very clever indeed.  I do notice though that she had the flair and the attitude of the current Catwoman in DC Comics, which is something I so dearly wanted to see in a movie about her character.  Although her using a gun during some scenes makes me wonder a bit, and the fact that she didn't use any other kind of melee weapon such as her trademark whip was dearly missed, but it did not ruined the experience of seeing a great Catwoman in a Batman movie.  

Of course Gotham City was an obvious Manhattan Island in its shots by air, but I am not complaining really.  
Although the tumbler Batmobile was missing here, its presence was shown as the other ones used in the movie by Bane and his militia.  Turrets, man turrets!  Also the Batwing was expectacular, Burton's version might be more faithful to the  comics version but this one is a lot more realistic, something the military could actually design in the real world I might add.   Of course the Batcycle returned and I can see Catwoman gleefully enjoying blowing stuff up with it in the movie.  Damn, the way you can make turns with that thing makes me want to own one.  Pretty handy in getting around in a city with it.

Then we got Gordon who has been Commisioner since last movie.  The actor was superb here as he was in the past two films.   And the newest character portraying the smartest cop in the force is a valiant nod to Nightwing as I have noticed when seeing him in action.   Moreso during the final parts of the film.
Well, this is the last Batman so I hear.  At least until the rumors I heard of him once again appearing in a another (unnecesary) reboot sometime in the future.  I enjoyed the ride.  I will wait until there is a boxset of the trilogy instead of buying them individually, well I hope there IS a set that is.  I also hope it includes an extra disk containing a LOT of bonus material about the three movies shown.

Trailers showed the new James Bond movie <b>Skyfall</b> which shows him undergoing some sort of psychological breakdown.  Possibly he still can't let go of the events in Casino Royale.  And a teaser of the new Superman Movie.  Seeing him breaking the sound barrier going up into space was something that made me want to see it right now after this movie.  I had read about it it Wikipedia years ago so I hope we can see more than just Luthor this time around.

For now I am highly pleased to have seen this movie.  So pleased in fact I do not mourn the chance of seeing The Avengers months ago.  I don't think I want to see any other movie for the rest of the year except for that one about videogames coming this fall.  This movie was that good.  

And now excuse me while I hear Prince singing Batdance and Lemon Crush for a couple of hours.  
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