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God Damn You Public School

I have just realized I have held a lot of repressed feelings toward a part of school that I had not really thought about.  Their "Accelerated Reading Program" stunted my reading ability.

AR was a graded system that forced children to read and be graded on what they read on a point based system less their grades fall.  AR books SUCKED because they were all bullshit such as Romona, and other books that I had absolutely no inclination to read because their over the top asshole characters were my sister.  Why would anyone want to read a book about the worthless whores with whom they live?

On top of this, all of my teachers threw out blanket statements that none of us read enough without even asking what we read...  When I was in third grade I tried to read on English translation of Le Mort d'Arthur and The Canterbury Tales and got berated because they said I was unable to read them.  Furthermore, they were so above the AR they weren't open for points.  Granted, I had to return the books before I finished them, but they were actually of interest.  Oh, by the way, here is an assrape for you: if I remember this correctly, a student could only test on the book the day they returned it, otherwise they were locked out of testing on it for AR points for the rest of, not the school year, but the entire duration of the program, which went until 6th grade, I think.

I am upset because I have realized this negativity has driven me away from books and reading even though that god damned program was meant to encourage a greater appreciation of books and higher reading skills... It has only been in the past two weeks that I have stopped looking at books as impossible mountains to climb and started seeing them as something to genuinely enjoy.

... I wonder if this journal even has a point.  Maybe just as a "if this is happening to you here is the pseudo answer"... Why is it nearly every single one of my emotional and psychological traumas happened inside one of the buildings meant for teaching that taught me nearly nothing?
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Because they weren't teaching you. they were competing. Schools have forgotten about individuality, and developing the mind and have fallen into battling for budget via grades. The teachers are told what to say, how to say it and what to pressure you into doing. Furthermore.. the system you were stuck in seems to have been created by an idiot. If they wished to accelerate you they needed to take the time to develop your skills. Encourage you to read books via more and more complex and difficult books with a start at easier books and build up from there. They could have taken time to answer questions, explain ideals the books gave and the frame of mind of the characters within..... But they just wanted a budget boost.

I love reading.. I greatly enjoy books.. However I hated reading books i was FORCED to read. The removal of choice is what held me back most when it came to reading and working on reports.
6 years, 9 months ago
My school had something similar actually. It affected me in a much different manner.

It started my ability to bullshit.

When it came time to make the report, I'd make blanket everyman statements that would apply to many books, and no one would bat an eye. So I ended up learning that bullshit would get me everywhere with authorities.

And then I went right back to reading "Quality" books like Piers Anthony's Firefly or Michael Swanwick's The Iron Dragon's Daughter.
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