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I think I'm just gonna fucking give up

My drawing sucks, nobody fucking helps me, and if they do, heh, It's shitty advice I've heard for years. get something new. I'm never gonna get better! I've been at the same fucking damn routine all my life, I haven't gotten any better. I suck at everything of drawing. So unless somebody has any fucking way to help me, that's not fucking shitty "advice", I should just give up on drawing, cause I fucking suck!
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
what is that for stupid thought bro?? drawing is something you do for yourself and not for someone else it's just for fun and you don't suck it looks good to me y'know and I mean look at my drawings those aren't that beautiful too ? so come on be happy ^^ and if you really want to improve with drawing you need to practice, practice and more f*cking PRACTICE !! and I think you already heard this a few 100 times but it really helps and sketch A LOT it really helps. Or just give it a rest for now just stop drawing for some time watch some pewdiepie or something you like and totally forget the drawing and if you feel like drawing again then just do it listen to your feelings and DON'T push yourself !!! hope it helps ^-^
6 years, 5 months ago
What I did was start watching tutorial videos on YouTube. It really helped me. To tell you the truth I really like your drawings but if you want to quit its all up to you.
6 years, 5 months ago
Then quit. People can't help you draw better unless you WANT to get better. Saying that you would quit just because you tell yourself you're not getting better is proof that you're not trying to improve, but waiting for someone to magically tell you how to.

now then, if you really want to improve, I recommend studying from this: http://www.welcometopixelton.com/downloads/Animation%2...

It's a .PDF of a book for animation, but a lot of what it teaches is how to construct your characters better and give them a sense of depth, etc. You're on the internet, man. Nothing's stopping you from improving except yourself.
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