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Alright fine let's DO THIS

Kell is looking over the last of the adjustments needed for Shuu's materials to move into Inkbunny properly

Kell: And watch the t.v! We don't need another another prinny blowing up because someone had butter flippers! Remember Prinkachu!

Several prinnies start weeping cartoon tears at this

Kell: So hard to get good help these days.

Shuu walks in carrying his notebook and pencils, oddly enough Kell can actually see words on the notebook paper

Kell: You've actually been writing? Welp I guess I can expect Asagi to finally get her own full fledged game soon.

Shuu: Yeah yeah yuk it up you mutated duck but I really feel passionate about this and I can actually get it all down without second guessing. IT. SHALL. BE. GLORIOUS

Kell: Provided you don't get bored halfway through, still I wouldn't mind we're running out of stuff to throw into the furnace and it's about that time to start stocking up.

Shuu: You're a real riot you know that Kell?

Kell: I'm your devil's advocate Shuu, it's my JOB to doubt everything you do.

Shuu: Yes siiirrr

Kell: Anyway what's it about

Shuu: I won't divulge everything in a journal but I think Kingdom Hearts is a good incentive for people to take interest in the project.

Kell: Wait isn't that the story that you wouldn't stop bugging Ozzy about a few weeks ago?

Shuu: Maybe.

Kell: Well that explains why all that art fihsfmfmff

Shuu covers the pringer's mouth "Quiet!"

Shuu looks around suspiciously before dragging the struggling prinny away
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