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Hell of a Lot of Thoughts

I stopped drinking soda again.  I didn't want to admit I got addicted to it again after my decision to do it again, but the weeks without soda have given me instead a ravenous hunger, the type of hunger one gets when there are no hunger pangs, but everything is food and must be eaten.  The last time I felt that I was literally starving myself through a low calorie diet.

Well that unnatural hunger had me out today eating Egg McMuffins *drools*, but on the way back I heard this old lament from the 90's with a chorus of "Now, I'm calling on angels", and it made me quite upset because the angels have been here for a damn long time, about 10,000 years.  Rather heatedly, I was talking to Goddess about a similar subject.  It seems people want help from unearthly forces, but are unable to accept it when it comes in the shape of a regular person... At the moment, I wanted to reach through time and space grab the singer in the middle of the song and say, "fix your own damn problems".

The radio hosts said that a new book that chelsea is currently reading called Fifty Shades of Gray is the most intense smut they have ever experienced and is causing "even the most raunchiest of people to blush".  I feel like reading it just so that I can say, "I've had better RPs than this", but I am a bit worried as the hosts said hospitals are preparing for a baby boom just because of this book.  In lieu of thinking about that baby factory having another case of preg and flee, I comically fantasize about being famous for writing a porn with plot that is so perfectly homosexual that it causes divorces.

I've been reading a lot more lately, as in, I have spent the past week on FimFiction soaking up MLP novels, and yes, I mean multiple 100,000+ word novels. I have even written a chapter for one, but I can't share it here as it is attached to a novel on that site.  

Mostly, I just dropped in to say I am alive.
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
*huggles you tightly in a great big bunny embrace* ^^
6 years, 7 months ago
much love dude glad to here from you
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