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Welcome to my misery. Pull up a seat.

Every Wednesday was the same damn thing. Milkie hated working Wednesdays… and Thursdays too, come to think of it.

Once again he was left alone in the kitchen to handle orders rung in by hungry customers. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the summer season didn’t provide a spike in the restaurant’s work flow. Milkie had just put a basket of uncooked French fries into the deep fryer, prepared several plates with the proper dinner roll positioning and garnish dish setups, and had cut and placed chicken, both white meat and dark, onto their respective orders. It was a timely process for the mouse… so where were his co-workers?

Milkie didn’t have to look far. Shooting a glance over his shoulder, Milkie spotted one. The mouse’s round glasses reflected his slacking lemur co-worker’s visage, and the blue eyes behind those glasses shot the lemur such a glare, it was as if Milkie hoped to burn a hole straight through the back of his head.

Once again, the lemur was chatting up a rather ditzy lemming girl from the conjoined restaurant. Milkie could never be so sure if the air-headed girl’s destructive tendencies were simply due to her species, or if it was the way she was raised… That was a discussion for the Nature vs. Nuture debate.

The mouse had enough. He stormed over to the lemur and stood right in front of him, glaring up at his wide-eyed face. Of course, the lemur’s normally wide eyes were somewhat lidded… he was chewed – or as some would call it, stoned out of his tree. And of course he was stoned… the guy could rarely go a day without it.

“Tyler, isn’t there something you should be doing?” Milkie would ask, his voice dripping with disapproval.

Tyler shed one of his dopey, crooked-toothed grins. “I am, man,” The lemur said, “I’m supervising. No, wait, better… I’m hitting on chicks. That’s every man’s job.”

Milkie’s shoulders slumped. “NO!” He exclaimed, “No that’s not what you’re supposed to be doing! Get your ass back in that kitchen!”

Milkie stomped back to his station, and Tyler followed.

“What about him?” Tyler’s voice came from behind the mouse.

Milkie looked back to see what Tyler meant, and saw him pointing with one of those thin, dark fingers. The mouse trailed his gaze to where Tyler was pointing, and saw his other co-worker slacking off in much the same manner. He hadn’t been there when Milkie left… he had somehow snuck by without the mouse noticing him.

The guy was a big, chunky, block-headed gorilla… good for manual labor and fixing broken things around the restaurant, but no one would ever trust him with even basic mathematics. His name was Stewart… or Stu, as most liked to call him. Stu just happened to have his hands all over a particular server girl, a hyena waitress, giving her a shoulder and back rub rather shamelessly at the terminal where orders were rung in.

Milkie’s mouth was agape in awe at the display of bold-faced slacking. Not only that, but scolding one person while another was committing the same offense just made the mouse look stupid. Mount this on the earlier stress of a dinner rush that lasted three and a half hours in a kitchen that was severely under-staffed, and Milkie blew his top.

“Fuck! FUCK!” The mouse exclaimed, tugging the beak of his hat down over his glasses, “I… I fucking… I fucking HATE you guys! You don’t even fucking know!”

“Oh Milkie,” Tyler tsk’d, “You crack me up.”


That pretty much summarizes my night at work. ¬_¬
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
Sounds horrible. You'd think the stoned lemur would get fired or something.
6 years, 6 months ago
I know what it's like to have co-workers who are complete slackers and idiots. I work at a grocery store, not the most glamorous job but it pays the bills. When I am packing if one of the older packers aren't there then most of the time I am packing for five or six registers by myself. When I am running registers I have to pack everything myself. Stock is the same, I am out filling shelves and the idiots are in the back playing around. I feel your pain, trust me.
6 years, 6 months ago
Trust me man, I know how annoying it is, and how infuriating it can be.  Just do your best to do your job well, and only your job.  It's not your job to take up their slack. The more they slack, the longer the rope that hangs them will be.  If they're work ethic is affecting your ability to get your job done, tell your boss.  Failing that, find another resturant in the area to get work, show up one day at your current job, and first sign of them fucking around, leave.  Walk out, and leave a gaping hole where one of the more responsible employees once was. It might send your boss a much needed message for permitting those idiots' behavior at the expense of one of their employees who was actually doing their job.
6 years, 6 months ago
" ColeSutra wrote:
Just do your best to do your job well, and only your job.  It's not your job to take up their slack.
  I said that once, Management told me that was, in fact, my job.  It was either kill them or laugh in their face.

I should have done both. I really should have, but that's another story.

I suspect if his boss were competent, he'd not be in this situation, and it may be best for him to locate another employment opportunity prior to confronting him over this situation.  It's much better to be able to say 'Fix this, or I'm putting in my two weeks notice' than to say 'Fix this, please sir' without any leverage.
6 years, 6 months ago
Damn, that sucks. >:(

Oh, also, your journal title reminded me of something else:

6 years, 6 months ago
o_o Thats the thing about this world. Idiots tend to ruin everything. I feel bad because if I had a job, I'd probably be a slacker making it harder for someone else. Likely due to me not being able to focus on one thing unless someone is watching over my shoulder.
6 years, 6 months ago
Come brother... embrace your bretheren. http://www.retailhellunderground.com/ You. Are. NOT. Alone!

Heh, it takes about..eight or nine people to fully cover shifts for my department.  We're now down to my boss, me, three others, and one semi-retired fellow who only works on Friday and Saturday.  Given that it takes two people to open in the morning....spread thin. Very thin.  'The Center Cannot Hold' and all that.

And people start going on their vacations next week.  I see a bad moon rising. I see trouble on the way.
6 years, 6 months ago
All these douchebags hang onto their jobs, and I can't get one?? Amazing.
6 years, 6 months ago
Isn't it though?

Honestly, I'm physically challenged, with a more frail constitution and bad joints, less physical strength, less stamina... And yet I out-perform these halfwits effortlessly.

I may not be the fastest, but God damn do I ever try my hardest. I wish that were enough sometimes.
6 years, 6 months ago
man, how are these guys hanging onto their jobs?
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