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Parents away in august and dr who rpg campaign

Parents will be in canada from august 16 to august 28. Don't know what I'll do during that time, but it's likely to involve diapers. I sadly will be working so can't really have peoples over unless they mind staying at home alone most of the day or for a week-end.

Last friday, I made revelations about my Dr Who campaign.

The Doctor has dissapaered. Compagnons from differents timelines are united to try to get him back, because time is now fractured. Something happened and time is not working correctly... The Korvens (the main villains in K9 the tv serie) have built a copy of K9 named K7 to eliminate K9. It worked better then expected since K7 (a player) destroyed K9 before the Korven copied it creating a time paradox (with others stuff linked to it going wrong). The half detroyed K7 was rebuilt by the Doctor and sent to the compagnons to help restore the timelines. The player discovered with much surprise and interest his past...

The "alien Princess" player had a grim and sad backstory about her planet suffering cataclysms and sending their princess into space as a sacrifice. He discovered his planet was one of the first affected by the time wounds and decided to try a space-time jump of the whole planet. It failed and they ended in another part of the galaxy in the middle of the festering time wound. As such, at randoms times, the planet return back in time to the moment they arrived there... destroying civilisations over and over. The Doctor, to prevent further incident, used the Shadow Proclamation to forbide anyone to know about the planet, which explains why the character met peoples who knew some about his past but usually everything was classified...

At the end, the player will have to go there to close the wound, rebuilt K9 to save the universe. Which they don't know is that K7 is built of K9 parts and they'll have to dismantle him to rebuilt K9. Will they be able to do it ?
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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
at least you have work. Mine rushed the last of our work for a while and had to lay everyone off. :p
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