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The Revelation

Once again, whiling away my evenings (actually, early morning) reading an article from Cracked.com - a website so definitively evil it seems capable of literally removing six hours of the day in a dastardly plan to... educate people on thing with dick jokes- I came across something surprisingly interesting.

Here's one quote: "Also, most of us want to believe people with non-mainstream opinions are all on the far-out fringe, doing crazy things they'll be embarrassed by later in life." -- "C. Coville for Cracked.com".

I came upon this article after reading several others, such as one that detailed the 9 most misunderstood stories of 2010, which included a tale about the Republican Tea Party supporters. These people were portrayed as utter lunatics, when in reality they were actually normal people disgusted with the Republican party (and who isn't?).

However, this all ties into the little quote I gave before, from Rise Againt's front man, Tim McIlrath.

"Real revolution begins at learning. If you're not angry, you're not paying attention."

Though I keep it separate from my "furry" adventures, because I don't think this cause needs to be affiliated with someone who writes furry erotic literature featuring underage characters, I'm actually an advocate of "youth rights". Chances are, you've never heard of this. Chances are, you'd automatically think we're lunatics for advocating the drinking age... which is pretty bad if you're an American, and thus suffer the highest drinking age in the western world-- here's a hint, Yanks, if the rest of the world gets by fine with a drinking age of 18, so the people who can die for their country in wars can also drink to their country in bars then maybe it's time you stopped pretending you had a logical reason for it all outside of religious puritan cocks with a self-righteous chip on their shoulder.

But the issues are real, and the suffering is real.

Earlier today, I got my friend to read about "residential treatment facilities", which is an issue I will be raising in one of my stories. I've told several people about this issue, and they're all very skeptical until I show them news articles and documents proving it exists.

You'd LIKE to think I'm a nutcase for getting angry about this (though truth be told I almost never mention it), because this has to just be some sort of lunatic-fringe social movement, but the truth is a little more depressing, mate.

In my friends words, he was "...steadily getting more and more angry just reading about this."

Good. Fucking good.

Because you should get as blood-boilingly furious as I did when I first learned about it all. Maybe if you get angry enough, you'll actually care enough to help put an end to this. Or at least try to.

All I can say is this: yes, some people with wacky, non-mainstream beliefs are indeed full of shit. Some environmentalists don't understand half the nonsense they spout. Extremist feminists are hilarious. But there are legitimate problems with this world, and the biggest hurdle for the people trying to fix them are assholes who don't take them seriously simply because they're trying to tell them something is wrong.

Some people just don't want to hear it. It entails getting off their jaded, soulless ass and actually feeling something, like moral obligation to help. I like to believe such people are the minority in this world.
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Added: 8 years, 6 months ago
8 years, 6 months ago
I really need to visit some facilities, See what goes on on the inside. I highly doubt that there are any nearby where I live, but I may surprise myself by proving I'm wrong. I'd love to get a job as a security guard in one of those places, just so that I can be on the inside and report all the shit that goes on, get the masses riled up in the vengeance.
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