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Wanna Know Me?Meme?

I stole this from
who stole it from

So here goes:

1. Are you a boy or a girl?
    Boy ^_^

2. How old are you?

3. What species are you?
4. How different are you and your fursona?
    Well aside from the obvious we are the same because he is my fursona therefore he is me just in a chipmunk form

5. Would you ever wear a fur-suit
    Yeah I would but not sure when I might do it

6. What is your sexuality
    Gay and yes I know I've said Bi before but I had a realization about that(Long story)

7. Have you ever dated someone of the same sex
    Yuppies ^_^

8. Have you ever dated someone of the opposite sex
    Yeah and I regret every second of it

9. When was your first sexual adventure
    When I was around 11-12 with a good friend

10. Are you an artist?
     I consider myself one

11. What kind of artist are you?
12. What made you join the fandom?
     I just got into it because I felt like it I don't really have a reason

13. Do you currently have a crush on someone?
     Yes I do but I'm not telling but he know ^_^

14. Are you dating someone? what species are they?
      Not officially atm

15. Are you a Subby or a Dommy?
     Both I can be a subby when I want and a dommy when I want

16. What's your favorite color?
       Black and Red are my favs ^_^

17. How many languages do you speak? What is your mother tongue?
       One english but I do know a bit of spanish

18. Are you learning any new languages?
      Alas no I'm not

19. What is your dream career?

20. What is your favorite hobby?
       Gaming,reading,writing,and a few other things

21. Who is your favorite fictional Character?
      Simon Seville because I'm a lot like him and I've just always liked him

22. Who are your idols and why?
     I have no idols

23. If you are an artist, are you happy with your skill?
      I am happy with my skill but I've got an artist block that refuses to go away

24. What are you views on BDSM? Scat? Sports? Vore? Cub? Foot Fetishes?
      BDSM:I don't mind it as long as it's light.
      Scat: Nope I've never liked it and never will I don't even understand it
      Watersports: I'm rather neutral on this it doesn't bother me or anything but I don't seek it out either
      Vore: Same as watersports I'm neutral
      Cub: I like cub stuff I find it really cute ^_^
      Paws: Yeah I like paws ^_^

25. Are you currently mad at someone?
    Yeah but who and why would take a long time to say.

26. What is your views on MLP?
     Personally I don't care for it but I'm not anti-MLP either

27. Do you masturbate? and how often?
     Yes I do and that is all you need to know

28. Right or Left?

29. Do you want kids some day?
     Yes I hope to have a son who is mine by blood one day

30. Did you have fun with this Meme?
     It was ok
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